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There are different types of paint finish in the world and Satin paints are among the most popular and commonly used in Australia. The Satin paint type is unique because it dries quickly and reflects only a certain amount of light. They are mostly used in areas of the house with high traffic because satin paints reflect less light, which makes it easier for the paint to hide imperfections on the surfaces applied. However, you should note that satin paints won’t be able to hide bumps and nail holes. 

Unlike the matte paint that absorbs most of the lights that hits them and high-gloss paints that reflects most of the lights that hits them; Satin paint is an excellent middle ground as it doesn’t reflect the most light nor does it reflect the least. Satin paints are loved by homeowners and renovators in Australia because of their versatility and appearance—often described as “pearly,” this paint finish has a distinctive, velvety sheen that makes it appear flatter or glossier depending on the amount of light hitting it.

Due to Satin paint finish popularity in Australia and other parts of the world, there are different brands which produce the paint and each claims to be the best, making it difficult to make the right choice. Different countries have leading companies in Satin production; however, in this article, we’ll be focusing only on the best brand in Australia.

Best Paint Satin in Australia 

Annie Sloan Satin Paint

The best satin paint in Australia is the Annie Sloan Satin Paint. The Annie Sloan Satin Paint is mostly used on metal and interior wood. 

So why should you choose Annie Sloan Satin Paint as your go-to Satin paint in Australia? I’ll tell you. First of all, Annie Sloan Paint is formulated for interior use and it can be used on metal and wood. The paint product has two major objectives: one, to be used together with Annie Sloan Wall Paint on doors, skirting, architraves, as well as other busy areas in your home; the other is to offer up a contemporary-looking one-step solution to painting metal and wooden furniture. 

Annie Sloan Satin Paint is mostly used by Australians when painting outdoors, flooring, or to create decorative effects. Don’t know where to buy one? You can buy satin paint online when you visit What’s more? If you are living within Australia, your Annie Sloan Satin Paint will be delivered to you and if you’d rather see the product before purchasing it then you can visit French Willow’s brick-and-mortar store at 6 York Road, Mount Evelyn Vic 3796.

Qualities of a Good Satin Paint

  1. It resists more moisture than eggshell or matte paints
  2. It produces a subtle glow that adds depth to any room
  3. Compared to gloss paints, Satin paints have a richer colour due to the increased amount of pigments 
  4. Hides flaws better than high-gloss and semi-gloss paints
  5. It can be used outdoors and indoors
  6. It’s more durable than eggshell or matte finish
  7. It’s easy to clean

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