How can you Apply Student Visa for Canada?

Canada is one of the premium studies abroad destinations for international students.  In recent years it has tempted around 7 lakh international students to pursue studies at all levels. Being an Indian student, you may need to obtain a Canadian study permit to carry on your higher education in this nation.

This will serve as a Canadian student VISA for the time duration of your stay in the country. Being a student, you do not have to get a Canadian study permit if your course or program lasts for only six months duration or less.    So, there are different things you should know about Canada student visa before you apply and pursue.

Chief points to remember about a student permit to study in Canada are like:

  • A student permit is a document that allows international students to study in Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) in this country .
  • Being a student, you should apply for the Canada VISA  for students before you travel to Canada.
  • Canadian student permit alone does not permit you to enter Canada. Being a student, you require to apply for a provisional resident VISA or electronic travel authorization (ETA).
  • A student permit is valid until the duration of the course/program in the Canadian university along with an additional ninety days.
  • You might need to re-apply for VISA extension if you cannot finish up your course inside the VISA deadline.
  • If you finish your studies early, your permit can stop being valid ninety days after you complete your studies.
  • In case your school has asked you to take some courses before they shall accept you into the main program (conditional acceptance), authorities might issue their study permit for the duration of such courses.
  • If you, being a student, decide to leave Canada during a college break (such as the summer, or winter vacation and spring break), you may require to show proof that you are registered in the school when you return to Canada.

Quick Eligibility Requirements for Canada Student VISA

  • You need to show proof that you have sufficient money to pay for your tuition expenditure , living expenses for themselves and any other family members who come with them to Canada.
  • You should be enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada.
  • You need to provide a police certificate.
  • You may pay return transportation for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada
  • You should obey the law and have no criminal record and not be a harm to the security of Canada.
  • To get good health is essential for which you require to complete a medical exam.
  • You must convince the immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your course or studies.

Why to choose Canada for studies? 

A few of the many reasons are like:

Rich Education and Scholarship

Thousands of students visit Canada for higher education every year. One of the chief reasons why they do so is that the nation offers them world -class education that is recognized globally. A Degree from a Canadian university is believed to be of great value which is equivalent to Australia, the US, and other European Countries.  

Moreover, you will be surprised to know that both the Government and Universities provide advantages especially for the students to pursue their studies successfully. The high academic standard and rich education help the students to come out of the universities with best spirit and flying colors.  Moreover, being an international student, you can gain valuable education at a somewhat low fees compared to other countries across the globe.  

Similarly, not just fees but also the scholarship opportunities lessen the expenses and you will get the finest education at minimal fees should you decide to travel to Canada for your higher education.  Even though the number of universities in Canada is less compared to the US, the education standards you find in the most universities are on par with that of the prestigious universities of the US and Europe.

Canada has a reputation of a safe country 

The Government and Universities in Canada plays a crucial role for the safety of students inside the university and throughout the country. Starting from health care to that of proper security, essential measures will be taken to keep students safe. Students enjoy all kinds of freedom and government ensures protection about human rights, equality that assist the society to be peaceful.  Medical insurance is very inexpensive in nearly every hospital in Canada. Canada has been believed to be one of the best places to live by the United Nations reliably for the past eight  or more years.

Friendly and non-discriminatory society

Each year the government invites manifold of immigrants from all over the world to apply to different universities in Canada for higher education. Canada has turned out to be a home for several students who come for their higher education. Students never feel that they are away from their home and they feel like they are in their home country.  Moreover, the old immigrants and people are going to be helpful for the new immigrants arriving in Canada for higher education.  Folks respect each other with a smile whether you know them or not. Canada ensures that the customs and traditions  of people are preserved, also the value and dignity of everyone is respected. Hence, no matter from which corner of the world you are coming from to Canada, you will not experience any sort of discrimination for sure. You are going to be at ease a peace.


To sum up, along with knowing much about studies in Canada  and VISA, do not hesitate to talk to professionals like Canada education consultants in Delhi to ensure that you have all the information in hand. After all, sometimes, getting your documentation done and visa procedures performed properly is a hard nut to crack. And here, only professionals can make things right for you.

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