How Group Activities can Build Social Skills?

To facilitate a group activity of kid needs social skills. Today our education system has converted online and which is why students lack social skills. The sole reason for lacking social skills is online classes and less interaction.

Most times, there is no interaction between the student and the teachers. Also, some students don’t even interact with their friends as everything is online. It is why to facilitate more interaction; teachers must use group activities. Group work builds social skills and also increases the productivity of students. Today we will tell you the top 10 ideas on how you can facilitate group activities quickly.

Ways to Facilitate and Improve Group Work

Teamwork or group work increases the productivity of every student. Here are ten ideas to improve teamwork among students:

Emphasize the Importance

The critical reason for group tasks is a healthy discussion, and they perform better. Every teacher must remember that before forming groups takes place and the job is given, they should make the students that they need to do assignments in groups. They should also keep the maxims of teaching in their mind.

Some studies have proved that students work with full enthusiasm in groups rather than working alone. Ask the students about regular reports and which understudy is performing which core and non-core activity. Form the group in such a way that students can develop willingness towards a work.

Teach skills

You can’t learn group work skills without the assistance of a teacher. Teaching teamwork skills to students is essential; otherwise, they will have many problems. Small fights can also occur when there is a mismatch of ideas.

Group work requires the unanimous decision of every student and in a dynamic environment where multiple students learn from different backgrounds having a unanimous decision is an arduous task. Therefore teachers must teach some skills and ideas by which understudies can make better decisions. Teachers can tell students about the voting system for finalizing ideas.

Use Team-Building Exercises

Building of better team to carry out the assignment in the best way is essential. Online Teachers or teachers who are using traditional methods must form the groups in proper order so that every group can have better workings. To increase enthusiasm among children, teachers can give group names and tell them to create logos as an identity.

Group forming

Most understudies prefer making their groups according to their friend’s circle. On the other hand, some understudies form groups based on the intelligence of other students. However, being a teacher, you must understand that every student is not the brightest star. Therefore place the students accordingly and give them small goals to accomplish. I prefer to use multiple criteria to assemble groups.

Reasonable workload

Never provide access load on students. After all, kids cannot complete complex tasks as they are students. Instead, give them small jobs with more manageable goals as this will help them in building confidence. Later you can move from simple to complex. Whatever the task you give, make the objectives clear. Students must not spend their time figuring out what they are supposed to do.

If Possible, Give Specific Roles

Now, this is a strategy that can also create problems if not done correctly. Every group needs a leader so that they can do the work smoothly. However, it might develop a negative thought in the mind of students for the leader.

Thus, being a teacher, you must play this card smartly. Make a leader in such a way that students do not realize that you are doing any partiality. The leader must not be autocratic. They must listen to everybody’s ideas.

Provide Time for Meetings

Handling a group activity is not straightforward. First, you need to give kids extra time to carry out meetings and discuss the whole schedule. Second, carrying out a group activity requires planning, organizing, implementation, and so on. Thus, provide spare time to the students so that they can move from step to step.

Ask Proper Feedback

Either during the group activity or after the completion of it, ask for feedback. For example, sometimes kids develop negative thoughts about other understudies, which later results in big problems. Therefore ask for the contribution and feedback details from every student individually. Also, you can tell them to write a diary entry about the whole group activity and later send it to you. It will help you in analyzing where the students lack.

Track Everybody’s Contribution

Every project requires contribution from every student and every member of the group. Therefore, as a teacher, it is your responsibility to keep track of every small significant student contribution. You can also ask two students other than this group to observe the group activity and report it.


Whether the students fulfilled the group activity or not, whether they meet the deadlines and the objectives of not being a teacher, it’s your responsibility to appreciate every student. Every child has their level, and the outcome is made with their hard work. So being a teacher, understand that every student cannot fulfill the whole group activity and meet the objectives. Thus, appreciate students for whatever they did.


It was all about how you can carry out group activities smoothly. Furthermore handling a group activity is a bit difficult. Still, it is why online classes lack in developing kids’ social skills, and every teacher has the responsibility to create the child’s capability as a whole. To arrange multiple group activities to help the students grow their social skills.

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