Teacher Tips on How to Manage Homework

How willing are you to handle homework? How am I going to correct the homework? What are the best ways to improve on the homework’s effectiveness? You need to realize that homework is an essential part of learning. The tips on will help you to effectively manage assignments.

Ensure the assignment is consistent

Consistency in homework assignments ensures that the students are not confused. They will not forget or ignore their assignment. It also saves the parents the time spent checking on their children’s schoolwork. With consistency, parents will already know what homework the students have.

Homework assignments are good for reviewing previous lessons

Assignments given on concepts taught on the same day are not good. Chances are they did not grasp the concepts you taught in full. Instead, assign them homework on content that you have exhausted. You may include one to two questions on the topics you covered that day.

Do not grade the assignment

Students come from different homes. Not all will get adequate homework support from parents. Hence, it is not fair to penalize a student because the parent could not answer a question. Yet, it is advisable to keep track of the students who turned in their assignment and those who did not.

Quality assignment over quantity

Assignment are very important. If you give too much, it might end up causing frustration to the parent and the student. Each homework should take about 10-15 minutes to finish. Focus your assignment on the crucial concepts that you taught. Pick an area where students should study more. Focus on each fundamental subject like math and reading.

Be creative on consequences

In case a student does not complete their school work, what do you do then? I do not encourage taking recess away. However, you can come up with a strategy to deal with this group of students. Here is some tip on to help you deal with such students.

1. Call home

Tell the students that you will call their parents if they do not complete their assignment. The strategy works. No student wants punishment at home for incomplete school work.

2. Sit and finish

Suppose the first strategy does not take effect. Let the students with incomplete homework sit somewhere and finish the assignment. If the main goal is for the students to do the work, this strategy works without involving parents. However, if the behavior continues, it is good to let the parents know.

An encouraging consequence will get the job done and psyche the student. Reward the students with complete assignments; the others will strive to complete their homework in time.

Use a simple system

Try not to make the process of homework correction a hassle. The next tips will give more details on the same.

Use the help of a student

Mornings are always busy for teachers leading to less or no time to check on the assignments. Instead of going through a great hassle, have one student check the homework of the rest each morning. The student uses a checklist which you will later infer for the incomplete task. It will save your time and sanity during morning routines.

Do not check on homework singlehandedly

Let the students form groups to go through the homework. It saves time and ensures the students can effectively discuss the assignment. In a small group, discussion tries to check on some wrongly handled points. Use them as essential learning tools.

For this plan to be successful, ensure the students understand that you won’t penalize them for getting a question wrong. Instead, you will punish them only for not attempting the questions. The student will constructively use such time asking questions for clarification. It will help them understand concepts they did not grasp.

Use homework to know more

Assignments should help in monitoring the progress of your students. Although you don’t check on their homework, ensure to take constant glances at each student’s assignment. Take mental notes of what you see. It will help you ensure each student meets the required standard.

Strive towards flexibility

Homework is not supposed to stress anyone; this includes the teacher. If you find that assignments are giving you a hard time, sit back and design an innovative plan. Try incorporating the tips mentioned and see the change.


No teacher should struggle with homework again. With the above guidelines, assignments should be a fun tool to learn.

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