What Is Satta King?

Games have always been a general relaxation activity that people freely engage in. One of these relaxation games is the satta game, which is not just any game, but a full-fledged lottery game that started in the 1950s.

Satta is a Hindu name used to describe betting in India, while Satta Matka is the betting with numbers. It is also called Indian satta matka because it was first known in India, and it was one of the most popular games. It is still the most popularly played gamble game in Pakistan and India today.

When this game began in the 1950s, it was first addressed as the Ankada Jugar. This game involves the guessing of numbers, where one of these numbers is termed a lucky number. Therefore, the player has to keep guessing through all the available numbers until he guesses the lucky number which makes him a winner.

There are many similar lottery games in India. However, gambling has been banned as illegal, so are most of these lottery games. The satta game is also termed illegal, except for the satta king 786 lottery game. Although, in some areas in India, it is still considered illegal.

The winner of this game is always privileged to take home a huge sum of money therefore he is called the Matta king. This is the goal of everyone playing the game; to become a matta king. It is a game that is played on direct target.

To participate in this game, the interested participants can play through subscribed websites and the Satta Matka mobile apps. After playing this game, the results are uploaded on the websites for all the participants to check and claim their win.

How To Play Satta King

As much as the lottery isn’t legal in India today, it is still a very big bang that many people have cashed millions from. Presently, most gambling games are done online, so it is very easy and directly accessible from any part of the world. Even those who are not living in India can play the game if they know the ropes.

So, how can one play the satta king game?

There is always a number range of 0-9. You are to pick three numbers at random from these ranges, for example 2,3,4. Then, you add the numbers together (2+3+7). The result is your final satta number. In this example, the total is 12.

Now, pick the last number to make a complete set, in this example, the number will be 2. Hence, you have something like this 2,3,7*2.

Draw a second set of three numbers like the first set. Example is 6,9,4. Follow the process above to get your final satta number for this set which is 19. After adding the last number to the equation, you would be having something like; 6,9,4*9.

So, your final card will look like; 2,3,4*2×6,9,4*9.

The satta matka has various rates of payout ranging from 9/1 to 999/1. To win, you have to bet on all or one of your numbers coming at the first, last or any other available position. The lottery rolls through and the result is out.

It is totally a game of chance and luck, so you just have to be smart and probably use your lucky charm. If your bet happens to come through, congratulations, you are the satta king.

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