25 Video marketing statistics to know for 2021

Online Video and COVID’19 measures blended well in terms of sales explosion through video marketing. Of course, both came from nowhere and stormed the industries. The best part is that the video marketers used the trend and helped expand their business and their clients. This article will help you gain insights on significant video marketing statistics that will support you in making informed marketing strategies. 

The statistics we listed here are bifurcated into two categories. The initial one cites the numbers featuring the digital marketing and marketers’ related while the latter is consumer-related. You can use these numbers to enhance your strategies for video content marketing. Also, one can make decisions on the expenditure towards video marketing tools and aids. 

There was an exponential increase in the marketing spend last year despite COVID’19 hassles. At the same time, the consumer situations at home required an entertaining factor to keep them engaged. While this statistic is a study based on the trend observed in 2020, it will undoubtedly repeat it this season too. 

Top General Statistics – Good To Know Numbers

  1. There was a massive ROI in 2020, and so does the same this year too. 91% of the video marketers have seen the trend rising this season too.
  2. The number of leads generated last year was staggering. 89% of the video marketing professionals say that the numbers increased last year, and the same trend shall continue this year.
  3. 86% of the digital marketing professionals voice out that video-based marketing techniques have increased traffic to the website and the landing pages.
  4. There is a direct impact on revenue, say 82% of the video marketers.
  5. 96% of the digital marketers plan to increase their expenditure on video tools. Many opt for InVideo as a software tool as it is relatively less expensive with incredible features.
  6. Out of all the businesses in the world, 87% of them use video marketing techniques to increase sales.
  7. In 2020, around 98% of the digital marketers spent buying Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  8. Even the B2B marketers started using video content to develop their business. 71% of them began utilizing the stream.
  9. Live stream videos were used by 67% of the video marketers.
  10. According to Animoto, about 80% of people shared videos on IGTV.
  11. Facebook accounts having more than 1 lakh followers share more than 70% of all videos.Visit here : Khatrimaza

Now that we saw the numbers relating to the digital marketing front. Let us see the statistics about consumer usage and action.

12. Plan to Purchase Increased

The influence created by the video content to purchase a product was immaculate. 90% of the consumers made their purchase decision as they were attracted by the videos found online. 

13. Audience Age group

It was indeed a youngsters arena earlier. With the advent of new software tools like InVideo, the audience of the age group between 18 and 49 increased drastically. The content reached them through YouTube and other platforms within a week. 

14. Influence of Online video Increased

The online video influenced the people around 55% in 2019. In 2020, this number extended to 76%. That means to say, the shoppers are majorly using the online video to make purchasing decisions. Hence, you can understand how strong the online videos are. You can influence the audience to an extensive level to motivate them towards the business. 

15. Video Quality Determines CTA

81% of online video viewers claim that the video quality is the prime reason behind accept or reject the offer. It is a significant number for digital marketers to bank upon. If you increase the video quality and the content available, you will more certainly build a solid customer base. 

16. Video Length

86% of the videos created last year were of 180-second length. It is because most of the consumers would love to watch crisp videos than sluggish lengthier one.

17. Brand Videos

Keeping the above number in mind and the consumer mindset, about 72% of the online video viewers watched the brand-related videos till the end, even if it is of 60-second length. At the same time, only 28% of the people watched through the brand-related videos, which ran up to 300 seconds. 

18. No Sound Criteria

It is interesting. 94% of the video enthusiasts watched the videos keeping the volume muted. It means to say; you must create visually impactful videos that deliver full content to the audience. 

19. No Sound – Captions On

It is interesting too. There are video viewers who watch the videos in mute mode. 52% of them switched on the captions or the subtitles to watch the video. 

20. Digital Marketing Expenditure Increased

There was a 36% increase in the digital marketing spend last year. It mainly made the expenditure on software and Ads purchase.

21. YouTube Mobile Video Consumption

Only 72% of the videos are watched on YouTube through mobile phones. 

22. Mobile Video Consumption

Apart from YouTube, people use other social media platforms to view online videos. 90% of the people watch videos through their mobile devices.

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23. Viewers Video Watching Time Frame

The video-watching time increased in recent times. People spend more than 50 minutes every day watching online videos. 

24. Retweeted Videos

The videos that tweeted were retweeted as pictures, and this has become a trend. Every video, on average, was retweeted six times as photos on social media platforms.

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25. Video Publishing Consistency

The brands were very particular about their marketing strategies which saw a massive difference in their sales count. 90% of the brands posted a video every week last year. 


The list is made by thorough research methodologies and also using the input given by trusted video marketing vendors. These statistics shall help you make decisions on optimal workforce requirements and the expenses related to the same. One can also calculate the ROI based on it, and it is observed to be on the progressing trend as of now. 

For sure, the video marketing trend shall be different in 2021 but will not go low as far as consumer habit is concerned. The right channel of approach and delectable video content is the order of the day. Using graphical content is suggested by experts too. 

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