Best Automatic Cat Feeder

What is Automatic Cat feeder:

The cat owners love their pet as much as they love their own children. And that’s the fact the owners are always worrying about their pets’ feeding. But, if the owners are working people then this is a really problematic situation for them. Because, the pet needs to be fed from time to time. Here comes the automatic cat feeders. Though there are many types of cat feeder available, in the modern time the cat feeders come pre-programmed and are loaded with several meals at a time. These feeders are not like the old gravity bin feeder. Automatic cat feeders dispense an earmarked amount of food at a programmed time in the bowl for the cat to eat. You can program the timing by yourself and worry free for your cat. You can easily monitor and control your cat’s feeding habit with this tool.

Why you need an Automatic Cat Feeder:

As we mentioned, an automatic cat feeder can reduce your stress by feeding your cat at your favourable programmed time. If you want to go away for a couple of days or you are on a very busy schedule, an automatic feeder is an important investment to keep your pet cat fed when you are not with them. You can assure yourself that your cat can eat when they want to. There are also certain other benefits of an automatic cat feeder:

  • It is convenient and you can easily put the food and program the timing and amount. Otherwise you have to handover the cat to your neighbour or friends to look after it when you are not here
  • Some vets also recommend the automatic cat feeder for regulating the cats food habit
  • Some cat feeders come with pet detector technology, a chip which can identify whether the actual cat is near the food or not. It closes the food dispenser if other cats somehow come near it
  • Personalization facilities are another advantage of an automatic cat feeder. You can personalise everything here

Here are the best 5 automatic cat feeders for your consideration

  • Arspic 4L Auto Cat Food Dispenser with Programmable Timer Feeder

Arspic 4L auto cat food dispenser can help you to control your cat’s feeding routine. You don’t have to be worried about the feeding time of your pet. This programmable timer feeder can simplify your time with your health and lovely cat.

The automatic programmable feeder comes with the following options of its timer:  1-4 meals daily and 1-20 portions per meal. This feeder is very much helpful for the pets with some health issues like digestive problems. Some pet cats are overweight and need to lose the excess weight, this is just very much helpful for them to maintain the food amount and timing.


  • Very accurately programmed and timed feeding. Dispense up to 4 meals per day and 1-20 portions of meals to ensure that your pet can feed the accurate amount of food
  • This feeder is suitable for small and medium size pets
  • 4L large capacity automatic feeder can feed your pet for a couple of days with no worries
  • Two-way power options available. With direct current and batteries
  • Customised voice record functions included for recording your own voice for 10 sec and set it so that your pet loves to hear the voice calling and feel the love of yours
  • Comes with sliding lock lid for preventing food wastage and prevent food from spilling
  • Very easy to program the feeder and design is catchy


  • It is wise to put the batteries on it
  • Speaker is quite loud and some people find it harsh
  • The portion size for this feeder is a few grams

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  • EZMioo Automatic Cat Feeder, Auto Robotics Dog Food Dispenser with Stainless Steel Food Bowl

EZMioo automatic pet feeder can be a good cat feeder for small and medium size pets. The easy to use LCD screen helps to customise the meal timetable and portion sizes. You can set the preferred options according to your pet’s age, weight and other activity level. It also has a voice recording option available. Your pet can receive the love with your voice whenever you are not here physically.

The feeder is also able to perform manual functioning. You can easily set the time, portion of meal and other settings through the inbuilt LCD screen. Comes with a premium grade stainless steel bowl that can easily be cleaned. 


  • 3.5 L capacity food storage equivalent to 3.8 lbs dry food can last for couple of days
  • Up to 4 automated meals per day with 1-20 portions.1 portion is about 10 gms
  • 10 second voice recording function available
  • Comes with a premium quality stainless steel bowl
  • Batteries and corded power options available


  • Steel bowl makes a loud sound when the pet hits it
  • Settings are a bit tricky but easy to handle when you figure it out

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  • Faroro 7L Automatic Cat Feeder

Faroro is always focusing and looking forward to manufacturing excellent quality and smart pet products. Faroro 7L automatic cat feeder is just like what they mean. The automatic cat feeder is packed with a lot of features.

The cat feeder is made with premium grade imported ABS material. You can program the meals in 5 portions. Each portion is equal to 240 gm maximum. You can program the time and portions according to the need. Last but not the least, Faroro provides excellent after sales services. You’ll definitely love it. 


  • A well balanced customised feeding plan. Up to 4 meals per day
  • Multiple food compartments are available so that you can put different foods in different compartments. Each compartment can hold up to 1 cup of food
  • Dual or two way power supply available. Use with battery or direct power
  • Voice recording function available. You can record your 10 second long voice and set it up. This voice can be played 3 times in a day
  • Excellent after sales service can give you a quick solution to any kind of problem


  • Provided USB cable is a bit bulky
  • Higher Price

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  1. WOPET 6L Automatic Cat Feeder,Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs

The primary concern of WOPET is to enrich the life of pets so that they can have a healthy and comfortable life. WOPET is committed to produce quality products for your lovely pets and give you relief.

The WOPET 6L automatic cat feeder is a smart cat feeder and you can easily differentiate this from other cat feeders available in the market. Wopet 6L comes with Wi-Fi inbuilt for smart operations. You can monitor and program your pet’s meal by using your mobile phone through their app. The meals can be customised between 1-50 portions. Each portion is of minimum 5g and 250g maximum. 


  • Program up to 15 meals a day and 1-50 portions of meals
  • You can get the dual power options. Either you can use the provided power cord or for better results you can use the battery backup
  • Large capacity food storage. About 6L
  • Able to record personal voice for 10 seconds
  • Suitable for dry foods
  • You can control the feeder with the help of your mobile phone. Built in Wi-Fi connectivity features included


  • Expensive feeder
  • Requires backdated connectivity of 2.4G

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  1. PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, 6L Auto Pet Cat Dry Food Dispenser with Clog-Free Design

PETLIBRO also focuses on the unique needs of the pet’s. PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder is an easily programmable cat feeder. You can set the meal times and portions with it easily. 

The quality of this products is also first class. You need to worry about the quality.

This automatic feeder helps you to feed your pet on a schedule. This feeder has a large space for food storage for about 6L. The feeder comes with an automated function of feeding that can be configured to feed up to 10 pet’s. It comes with built- in infrared sensor alerts that can alert you when there is not food in the storage. Can feed up to 6 meals a day.


  • Can provide 6 meals a day and 1-50 portions of meals as it has a large food storage
  • You can monitor the results and configure it using the LCD screen of this feeder
  • Comes with secure twist lock function that protects from accidental spilling
  • Personalised voice recording functions available
  • Two power options available


  • Difficult to clean
  • High price
  • The bowl that comes with it is manufacturer specific
  • LCD screen only shows the blue light

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Buying Guide for purchasing an automated cat feeder

Different pet’s have different eating habits. Some pet’s are pleased with two or three meals while some pet’s want snacks throughout the whole day. So, you should be careful when purchasing a cat feeder. In regards to this, you have to be more careful when buying an automated cat feeder as there’s a difference between the cat feeder and automatic cat feeder. You have to check certain things before you buy an automatic cat feeder, otherwise your investment on the feeder may get wasted. Check the following tips for choosing a perfect automated cat feeder for your cat.

  • If you have multiple cat’s you should consider buying multiple feeders. This prevents your dog from fighting with each other and over aggression for the meal.
  • It’s very important that your pet can take the proper amount of food every time. Otherwise your pet may face health  issues. You should check the portion control system of the feeder before buying the feeder if the meal and portion system suits your cat
  • Check if the auto feeder comes with a digital timer or wi-fi built in. The smart options can help you to program the desired time and amount of food served for your pet in the right time
  • If you want to put your cat on a diet for being overweight, you have to choose one that allows you to feed your cat small portions of food. Though the recent automatic cat feeders come with a lot of portions measurement
  • Check if the feeder is compatible with the pellets that you want to feed your cat. Because some automatic feeders recommend certain sizes of kibbles for dispensing. 
  • Check if the settings or configurations get changed when there is any problem with electricity or after changing the batteries
  • Check if the feeder has dual power options or not. Dual power options helps you to run the feeder with batteries if you encounter any issue with the electricity
  • Though the branded automatic cat feeders are made out of excellent quality materials, be careful when choosing them. It’s very important to buy a quality cat feeder for your pet.

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Hope, you can now understand what to buy and what to consider while buying an automatic cat feeder.