Class 9 science Hindi: How to prepare

Science is an intriguing and logical subject, which requires a student to prepare it carefully and in the right way. In class 9,  studying science requires studying its three different streams, named – biology, physics and chemistry. Biology focuses on living systems, physics requires a student to study the fundamental laws of nature, while chemistry requires one to study different behaviours and molecular properties. All 3 of these streams are different and require balanced focus and dedication. 

There are several ways students can prepare for their science examination. Students in class 9 Hindi medium can make science much simpler to understand and prepare for it in the best and effective way to excel in their exams. 

Preparation for a subject needs to be conducted in the right and best way possible, making preparation less overwhelming and intimidating to pursue.

How to prepare: Class 9 science Hindi 

If a class 9 Hindi student wants to prepare for the science examination, it is suggested they can prepare in the following ways :

  • After a class 9 student finishes studying their NCERT Science Book Class 9 in Hindi, it is important to go through it multiple times again. This process and procedure will not only help the class 9 students to study science more skillfully but will also help in recollecting what they have studied the first time around. Studying and referring to the textbook multiple times is the best way to ensure that the topics are well-understood by the student. Science also comprises various diagrams, which can be easily learned by not only practising them but also by repeatedly studying them through the book. Going through the textbook numerous times will lead to greater results when the student appears for the exam.
  • As a student of class 9 Hindi, it is incredibly important to practice answering the questions in the Hindi language, especially in a subject like science. Science involves terminologies that a student is required to learn and write correctly in their exam, for this it is suggested that the student practises the questions in the Hindi language. This way of preparation will boost the student’s ability to comprehend the science questions but also it will provide the students with the ability to write the answers in the Hindi language much quicker. With an accurate and enough application of the information in their answers in the Hindi language the students will be able to get good marks in the examination.
  • For a class 9 student to prepare the science will also require a dedicated effort towards consistently writing definitions and drawing diagrams to memorise them with the best of their capabilities for their science examination in Hindi. Students will have to constantly learn, write and revise the definitions and terminologies along with a clear drawing of diagrams and correct labelling of the same. This way of providing consistency to these important factors of the science subject will help the student to prepare the subject the right way. With examination stress and time crunch, students can often miss out on remembering these correctly and clearly. This consistent exercise will be helpful to a student preparing for the class 9 science examination.
  • Science incorporates a variety of numerical based on different chapters in the textbook. In class 9, giving and spending more time on solving numerical questions will benefit the student. While appearing for the science examination, a student should know how to solve various numerical questions. To know the solution and make numerical questions easier to comprehend, the student needs to spend a lot more time on it. A student can make themselves productive in solving numerical questions through day-to-day practice with sufficient time dedication. This preparation manner can prove to be amazingly beneficial.
  • Obeying the principle of quality over quantity will not only enable the learner in various aspects of studying but will most essentially provide better results in class 9 science examinations in the Hindi language. When a teacher assesses a student, they look for the clarity that the student has on their concepts, they look for clear and correct interpretation of the knowledge they made the students learn. Teachers look for quality over quantity when it comes to accessing certain topics.

 One such area is diagrams, diagrams are commonly not primarily assessed on the basis on how perfect it appears, but it is more judged based on quality. The ways that students can assure their diagrams to be of quality can be through checking if they are neatly drawn and most importantly by checking that the labelled terminologies of the diagram are correct and in the right order. This can be done by preparing the diagrams in a notebook and consistently redrawing and revising them. This way of preparation is great to learn, gain knowledge of science in a better way and score higher marks in the class 9 science examination for Hindi medium. Read more about:  la senorita

  • With multiple ways of exam preparation that a student incorporates in their study pattern, it is also important to keep the subject streams in mind and to manage time between them. Science incorporates 3 very important streams, all helping the student to learn the subject better. It is suggested that a student should spend balanced time in preparation for all 3 streams. This involves spending an equal time on chemistry, biology as well as physics. After following this pattern of preparation, the student can decide which steam they should spend a lot more time working on. This helps in a balanced and better preparation. 


For students of class 9, Hindi Medium, the subject science can be prepared adequately by studying textbooks multiple times, practising answering the questions in the Hindi language, writing definitions and drawing diagrams consistently to memorise them, spending more time on solving numerical questions, keeping in mind the principle of quality over quantity as well as by balancing the time allotted to all 3 streams of science. 

Science is a subject that involves theoretical as well as practical and numerical knowledge. These characteristics of the subject make it harder for some students, if these preparation tips are followed, the students can educate and prepare themselves for this interesting subject in a better way, enabling good learning.