Essential Supplies and Amenities for Airbnb Hosts

How to create and run a successful Airbnb

Every host’s first step is to prepare their property for a great guest experience. However, how can you ensure that every element has been explored before greeting your first guests? The good news is that you do not need to discover a secret recipe on your own; it has already been tried and tested by other successful hosts. With this in mind, we’ve put up a detailed Airbnb host checklist to help you prepare your space for a fantastic visit.

From filling your Airbnb home with necessary amenities and supplies to brainstorming ways to optimize your daily operations, this checklist will help you get your short-term rental company off to a strong start.

1. Include Additional Services to Enhance the Guests’ Experience

If you want to get great reviews after each guest turnover, it’s in your best interest to enhance your Airbnb host checklist with more facts. With the necessary furnishings and conveniences, you should supply stuff that will thrill your Airbnb visitors and elevate their stay to greatness.

The following is a list of optional extras that you may include in your rental:

  • Access to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and others 
  • Board games 
  • Welcome gift (a bottle of local wine or champagne, healthy snacks, and a bottle of water, as well as a discount at a local cafe or shop) 
  • Luxury toiletries 
  • Bathrobes and slippers 
  • Smart devices (home assistant, smart lock, and smart thermostat) 
  • WiFi booster 
  • Universal charger and adaptors 
  • Outdoor hammock 
  • Barbecue 
  • Washer and dryer

2. Must-haves according to Guest Type:

If your vacation rental draws a certain sort of visitor, ensure that it is outfitted to meet their unique demands. For instance, to provide a pleasant stay for families with children, you must go beyond a conventional checklist and add amenities and materials essential to create a child-friendly place.

Here is a list of elements that you must provide based on the demographics of the audience your facility draws.

  • Families with children 
  • Crib and small mattress 
  • Portable crib 
  • Blankets and pillows 
  • Kitchen high chair 
  • Safety items (baby gates, cabinet locks, and window locks) 
  • Sippy cups, adorable plates, and bowls 
  • Washer and dryer 
  • Toybox 
  • Coloring books and pencils 
  • Travelers with pets 
  • Water and food bowls 
  • Pet toys 
  • dog beds or cat beds 
  • Extra leashes 
  • Extra collars 
  • Cat scratchers 
  • Treats 
  • Dog gates 
  • Crates

When attempting to attract a certain sort of visitor, indicate in your listing title and description that your vacation rental is “kid-friendly” or “pet-friendly” so that it will appear in search results, assisting you in capturing the targeted demographic.

3. Review the Fundamentals

To ensure that your visitors feel at ease, it’s prudent, to begin with, to the fundamental supplies and facilities. Guests need to feel sure that your home supplies all of the amenities, such as bath towels, toilet paper, and hand soap, and that they won’t have to pack their whole house into their bag just to spend a weekend with you.

A Checklist to Get Your Vacation Rental Ready for the First Guests

After you’ve acquired all of the necessary furnishings and materials and put the finishing touches on them, it’s time for your house to shine on the Airbnb site and earn its first reservations. Here is a checklist to assist you in creating an exceptional listing and obtaining your first 5-star rating.

1. Construct an enticing Airbnb listing

Though it’s difficult to stand out among the 5.6 million+ Airbnb listings globally, you may still win the hearts of your prospective visitors by doing this step diligently.

Consider the following practical tips as you work on your Airbnb listing:

  • Describe your property in an appealing and informative manner. The general idea is to stress your unique selling points and to depict an experience that visitors may have while staying at your property.
  • Complete your Airbnb profile – include a bio and a profile photo, as well as validate your identification.
  • Provide a summary of your home rules to minimize needless inquiries and confusion with visitors.
  • Create a unique offer to entice first-time guests.
  • Enable Instant Book to streamline the reservation procedure.
  • To increase exposure for your listing, promote it on social media and get assistance from your friends and business partners
  1. Take High-Quality Photographs and Write an Attractive Title

Let’s face it: when it comes to selecting an Airbnb for a holiday, we all judge a book (or your property) by its cover, namely the listing picture. Beautiful photographs combined with outstanding ratings may work wonders for your property, assuring year-round occupancy.

As a result, hiring a professional photographer to take attractive photographs of your home is highly suggested. You may also go the do-it-yourself approach and snap your images to save money. Here are some pointers to bear in mind:

  • De-clutter and organize your environment before the photography.
  • Allow natural light to enter by opening all curtains and blinds.
  • Shoot at eye level to let prospective visitors experience your property as if they were physically there.
  • Enable gridline mode to improve compositions by using the Rule of Thirds.
  • Utilize a variety of shot types – wide, mid, and portrait.
  • Choose a cover picture that accurately portrays your resort and has the potential to attract your target visitors.

3. Create an attention-grabbing headline for your listing. 

Adhere to the following guidelines to nail your listing title:

  • In the headline, emphasize your unique selling proposition (USP) (your major advantage compared to competitor properties).
  • Make liberal use of acronyms to cram more information into your title.
  • Avoid all capitalization.
  • Avoid general terms such as “excellent,” “pleasant,” and “beautiful” in your titles.
  • Utilize all 50 characters to communicate as much information as possible about your short-term rental.
  • Create a title that speaks to your target Airbnb visitors (consider your Airbnb guests’ expectations while creating a title).

Increase Your Business’s Efficiency and Growth

Rome, as the proverb goes, was not built in a day. Success in the short-term rental sector takes time as well. However, you may make a significant step toward prosperity as a host by increasing your company efficiency and simplifying your many hosting chores.

Utilize this Airbnb host checklist to increase your business’s efficiency and save time during daily operations.

1. Make Use of a Pricing Tool That Is Dynamic

Every host’s first worry is whether their rental is priced appropriately. They are simultaneous, pricing it too cheap, resulting in lost money. You do not want to overprice your rental since this would discourage possible reservations.

Conducting market research and comparing your rivals’ rates and offers may seem to be a wonderful idea for arriving at the best nightly rate. However, it may take an excessive amount of time to gather and evaluate all of the data necessary to develop a well-thought-out pricing plan.

Once again, automation may be a game-changer when it comes to price. Dynamic pricing technologies such as Wheelhouse, Pricelabs, or DPGO are especially intended to assist hosts in maximizing income by automatically tweaking their nightly prices in response to market swings.

2. Establish a Self-Check-In System

The latter seems to be winning in the struggle between traditional in-person check-ins and self-check-ins. Self-check-in is becoming increasingly popular among hosts and property managers since it saves both parties time and effort.

There are a variety of ways to configure self-check-in. You have the option of lockboxes, electronic and smart locks, as well as key exchange services. You won’t even need actual keys with a smart lock since your smartphone will operate the lock.

Additionally, you might use a keyless entry service such as Lynx. Lynx enables you to remotely operate your door and get notifications whenever the door is accessed.

Key exchange services such as Keycafe are also useful for setting up a seamless self-check-in. Keycafe lets you deposit your keys in one of the SmartBoxes and have them collected at their convenience.

  1. Using Vacation Rental Software to Automate Routine Tasks

When managing a rental, you must manage several procedures concurrently. As an Airbnb host, your daily tasks may involve:

  • Responding to guest communications.
  • Maintaining a property calendar and availability (or calendars if you manage listings on several platforms).
  • Coordinating cleanings.
  • Seeing your guests.
  • Writing reviews.

Automation technologies may assist you in regaining control of your various everyday processes in today’s age and time. Vacation rental software, such as Lodgable, may help you automate a significant portion of your daily activities. 

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