How do ACCA exams work? A guide to ACCA exam

The complete guide to ACCA and how it works, including its program, criteria, exam format, fees, and strategies to deal with ACCA qualifications? You will gain a clear understanding of ACCA by reading this comprehensive guide. ACCA qualifications are growing rapidly across the world, offering students and professionals in  170 plus countries. The majority of ACCA training takes place in private institutions.

Numbers of examination and occurrence

ACCA is composed of a total of 14 written examinations in English, along with a suitable level of business experience. Normally, passing ACCA requires about 3 to 4 years of hard work; however, the maximum time given to clear the exam is 10 years. Examinations are held twice each year, in June and December.


Eligibility criteria for ACCA are country-specific, and somewhere you have extraordinary previous marks and in some areas of the world, only skill is checked. So, the eligibility criterion is a variable skill but before going to take admission in the ACCA exam sixty percent plus marks and some working experience are required all over the world.

What is the scope of ACCA?

The certification assures employers that you are capable of handling all aspects of the business. You will have better job prospects and will be able to advance in senior management. Over 3,50,000 students and members in different parts of the world make this global accountancy body the largest and fastest-growing in the world.

Aside from learning business skills, it also gives you personal satisfaction. There is no doubt, however, that to be eligible for a certificate from ACCA global, you have to put a lot of amounts, time, and sacrifice into it.

Job opportunities ACCA

From various job opportunities bankers, consultants, auditors, taxation, and law professionals are common over the world. It will not be wrong to say that a qualified ACCA person can adjust themselves to any kind of business from all over the world.

ACCA fee structure

The fee for ACCA varies but if we check from the average then it is a huge amount for that person who has earned to living. In the first module of fundamental (F1, F2, F3) the average fee is 72 pounds.

In the skill module of fundamental(F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9) the average fee is 93 pounds. In the professional of (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7) the fee is ranging from 110 pounds 300 pounds. To 300 pounds will be charged from you in case if you submit your fee lately.

ACCA completion criteria

There are two parts to the ACCA qualification. The first part is fundamentals, which is divided into knowledge modules and skills modules. There are three papers for the knowledge module and six for the skills module. There are two parts to the professionals, namely the essentials module and the options.

Candidates have to choose two out of four papers in the essentials module and three out of four in the options module. For qualification, the candidate must pass all 14 papers. There is no limit to the number of papers he can appear in a single part, but he can clear a maximum of 4 papers in one part. 

The course can normally be completed in three to four years, but the association allows candidates a time frame of 10 years to complete it. ACCA relates bookish knowledge to practical knowledge and then applies it.

Some important points to pass ACCA

Any professional exam has only one rule: pure, original hard work. There are no shortcuts to passing. If you want to get there and obtain the right degree, you need to work hard and dedicate yourself. Understand what the examiner expects from you as an answer, i.e. what the examiner’s approach is to the examination.

Only use ACCA’s approved texts or study material. Students are required to study and comprehend a planned and defined syllabus. You should therefore pay attention to their study materials and study from them. Aim to study a part of your work every day if you want to succeed in ACCA.

It will be easier to understand and finish your assignment on time if you have a set goal. You can find examiners’ reports published on websites, as well as their marking schemes or marking policies.

Study exam papers, interviews with examiners, and technical components of the material and revise accordingly. The purpose of revision is to recollect all the material you have studied.

Last but not least

This article is all about ACCA and how it works, including its admission criteria, fee structure, scope, job opportunities, exam modules and, the way to pass the ACCA exam. But still, if you have any questions regarding the ACCA exam then why we are here drop a comment and let us know!