How Does Your SEO Agency Handle Analytics Reporting?

SEO is not just about keywords, links, and content optimization. The most important aspect of SEO is analytics reporting because it allows you to tell what your campaign is doing and how well it’s working. With that data in hand, you can optimize your site for success before taking a step back and evaluating what your company did well or could improve on moving forward.

Analytics is something that every company should be utilizing. This is especially true for your SEO agency, which is why you want to see it in an organizing plan. The more detailed and organized your analytics reporting plan is, the better it will be for future campaigns. If you don’t have the tools and resources available to you that allow reporting accurately and regularly, then seek out help from a vendor who can.

Here are five ways your SEO agency should include analytics reporting in its organizing plan.

1. Make it easy to access and understand.

Most of us find it challenging to access our analytics data, so don’t make your publishing process more complicated than necessary by forcing users to dive into giant reports, charts, and graphs to get a basic overview of what’s going on. Instead, intuitively present the data. Ask the global marketing manager to create a report of their own or strive to do so yourself.

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2. Include metrics that matter to you and your team.

It’s vital for Analytics reports to include what matters to you and your company. For example, if you have an employee with a high-performance rating but are seeing a significant number for ‘unseen traffic,’ then make sure that you include it in the reporting.

3. Include goals, not just vanity metrics.

If you want your agency to get it, they’ll include goal metrics in their reporting plan. If you’re going to get more traffic, give the SEO agency a target to work toward, and don’t stop tracking it until you meet it. If a campaign is doing well but doesn’t seem to be bringing in increased leads or sales, then adjust the targeting and messaging on social media and online marketing channels until you see a positive impact.

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4. Include know-your-audience metrics.

 Before you even think about optimizing for keywords or content, start with understanding your audience’s search intent. This knowledge will allow you to decide what your message is and how to nurture that message into a valuable lead generator and sales channel. When you can look at your site traffic from an analytics perspective, you can focus on performing in specific countries and states or demographics.

5. Track the impressions versus the actual clicks.

This is a matter of how you want to measure success. Although you may be getting traffic from social media, there’s no telling if that traffic has a meaningful impact on your business. If the click-through rate is coming in at less than 1%, the campaign isn’t performing as expected, and it needs significant optimization. If the click-through rate is well over 10%, then keep on.

Bottom Line

Analytics is essential for your business, and you want your SEO agency to be competent when tracking and reporting on it. The more organized and detailed the analytics reporting plan is, the more successful you will determine what’s working for your online marketing initiatives.

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