How to Prepare For Elementary Mathematics for the CDS Exam?

Elementary mathematics can be the most scoring section of the CDS Exam. The difficulty level of the questions in Elementary Mathematics is moderate. To do well in this area, candidates should solve as many CDS previous year’s question papers as possible.

So, here are some helpful suggestions for preparing for the CDS Mathematics portion. Read these CDS mathematics preparation ideas carefully to learn how to prepare for the CDS math part and achieve good results!

Read the Questions Carefully

You must have read this line many times since your school days, but the relevance has never ceased to exist. Many errors occur as a result of incorrect question reading, and many times, we tend to skip questions that we don’t understand. Reading questions carefully solves most of our doubts, and we can answer them to the best of our ability.

Reference Materials

‘Mathematics for CDS Entrance Examination by Dr. R. S. Aggarwal’ can be used to prepare for the mathematics section of the CDS Exam, and NCERTs from 6th to 10th can be referred are the best CDS study material for a more complete study.

Important Areas To Focus On

Number System

For this section, one can refer to the NCERT books of the 9th-12th standard to understand the basic concepts of this topic. It is important to understand the correct approach to solve these questions, try to look for shortcuts, and practice these topics thoroughly for the exam.

For the HCF and LCM section, you have to understand the basics of the highest common factor (HCF) and lowest common multiples (LCM) among various numbers and the relationship of HCF and LCM of two numbers. This is a pretty easy section, and you will be easily able to score good marks in this section with smart work.

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For the Arithmetic section, one has to have a basic knowledge of speed, time, and distance with an added emphasis on units of measurement. The questions can be a bit tricky where the values can be switched from one unit of measurement to another.

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Time and work is another topic that requires some thorough study and can be confusing a lot of times. Percentages is another easiest topic to attempt in the maths section. However, the students should take care of silly mistakes in calculations as they are prone to occur.

Questions from Simple and Compound Interest usually require the application of basic formulas of SI, CI, and Amount, whereas Profit and Loss are simple and need little practice.

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Algebra proves to be a tricky section for most of the students. However, with regular practice, one can easily ace this section and score good marks. The logarithm section could be a little challenging. Nonetheless, you can always refer to the material and prepare short notes of the same to revise the topic in the future and score well.


There are several fun ways to solve trigonometry, and one of them is by preparing the basics of Sine, Cosine, and Tangent quadrants and memorizing the values that will help you solve the equations. Note that practical problems in the form of height and distances using the application of trigonometric basics are commonly asked.


What could be more fun than drawing lines and making circles, and scoring good marks? But there’s more to geometry! To ace this section, you have to prepare properties of lines like parallel and perpendicular lines and be well versed with the related properties of various plane figures like squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, and parallelograms.

Mensuration & Statistics

You have to befriend the formulas of volume, surface area, and curved surface area of several plane figures to score good marks in the mensuration section. This section is more about the application of formulae, and thorough revision will fetch you good marks.

The Statistics section is more about common sense than theoretical knowledge. Problems with histograms, bar charts, pie charts will require visual interpretation and easily get good marks.

Exams can be a lot more stressful than anything else. However, with the correct strategies, you can always ace it and get good marks. BYJU’S Exam Prep has a wide variety of material to help the students prepare for different exams, so never get stuck with your preparation with so much material around you. All the best!

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