How to safely pay by card online


If you often buy online, it is better that you have an online shopping card. This is the safest way to pay for purchases and services remotely.


One type of debit card is the WestStein prepaid card. The main difference between such a card is that initially it is replenished by a certain amount, which you simply cannot exceed.

Therefore, initially you need to issue a shopping card, then replenish it with a certain amount. After that, you can use the advance for any purchases. The main advantage is that you will not be able to exceed the available amount. If you have exhausted the available limit or the purchase amount exceeds the available amount, the card stops working. To resume work, you need to replenish the card.

The main reason why such cards are among the safest is that they are not linked to the main account. After all, payment is made directly from the card, and not from the main account. So this is the perfect card for online shopping. After all, you do not need to provide confidential data when making purchases.

Main types of cards

If you need a reliable online account, you need to choose the right type of card that will cover all your financial needs. Today, banking institutions offer customers several options.

One of the most popular is the free reusable online account. You can replenish and spend such a card an unlimited number of times. You are limited only by the lack of funds on the card, after which it stops working.

There are also disposable cards. They are destroyed immediately after you have fully used the available funds.

Another variety is the virtual prepaid card. This is the miracle of online banking. The cards are only partially linked to the main account, so they are among the safest. You can pay for purchases contactless, which also increases the security of financial transactions. When paying online, you no longer have to enter your personal data, so you do not risk anything, as is often the case with classic cards.

Each card option has a number of advantages and strengths. The choice depends on your financial needs and wishes, as well as frequently performed financial transactions. You can open any card literally in a matter of minutes.

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