How To Use Digital Marketing To Increase Sales


How To Use Digital Marketing To Increase Sales

It is said that a person has at most six social connections. In other words, a person in South Africa either knows a person who lives at the North Pole or knows someone who has that information, and so on. Some believe that the number of intermediaries does not exceed six—knowing that the world seems small.

With the advent of social media, it seems pretty easy to imagine two people in remote parts of the world are connected. In this small world that is getting smaller, ideas can spread with frightening speed, and that’s where good marketing comes in.

The job of a digital marketing agency is to leverage these virtual social connections. It has long been known that proper marketing can change the face of a business and make it one of the best, while wrong marketing can bankrupt it.

Digital Marketing Plan is also much cheaper than marketing in the real world and much more efficient. Imagine a billboard in the middle of a big city that can be seen by most people (who are probably looking at their phones). Now imagine an ad that appears on the same phone. It’s fast, cheap, and spreads like wildfire compared to traditional marketing tools. This is the power of digital marketing.

Knowing the power of a tool in your hand is only as good as knowing how to use it properly. The same goes for marketing on digital platforms. So here are a few tips on how you can use digital marketing to increase sales.

Increasing Customer Loyalty

Many businesses rely not only on new clients but also on repeat customers. Building trust between a company and its patron automatically leads to higher sales and gives new customers enough confidence to try the company’s products/services. If someone needs to go to a new hairdresser, they are more likely to go to the one their friends always go to (read: the one they are loyal to) than to take a chance on a stranger.

Digital marketing services that aim to increase customer engagement typically employ a variety of strategies. One of them is sending personalized emails to clients. When you make a customer feel like the company knows them personally, it encourages loyalty. The email can include news and updates that the client would like to know or exclusive offers.

Another tactic many businesses use today is a solid social media presence. This virtual visibility makes it easier for customers to communicate with the company. It gives the impression of a special relationship between them and the business, contributing to loyalty.

Using Social Media Properly

As mentioned earlier, social media can be a great tool to increase customer loyalty to a particular brand, but that’s not all social media can do. With the tools available today, companies can analyze how their content is performing on social media platforms and get an idea of their target audience.

Having a target audience is an integral part of a good marketing strategy. Digital tools can show who these people are and whether marketing has successfully targeted them. That’s another benefit of social media platforms: Real-time analytics.


When people talk about marketing, they usually mean advertising. And while digital marketing tactics may have changed from standard marketing strategies, they still rely on advertising.

In a sense, every step you take in the digital world is an advertisement. For example, a company’s mere presence on a popular social media platform can be considered advertising. But that only applies to customers who know the business. What about those who do not know it?

Using hashtags, keywords, and asking people to tag the company’s online profile helps people who may have never heard of it learn of its existence. In short, trending is a great way to get people to market a business themselves, but trending also requires creativity and lots of it.

Creativity and humor combined with an online presence can add a “human touch” to a company’s account that is often missing in digital marketing. A marketing campaign can go around the globe and back again in such a tiny world if done right.

Bottom Line

Although digital marketing seems simple enough to do on your own, its maximum potential can only be realized by those who constantly analyze global markets and have a presence in the online communications space. If you have any questions about the above strategies for increasing sales, please feel free to contact us.

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