Indian Women’s Football Team vs Brazil: 4-nation Football Tournament

The 4-nation Football Tournament is a competitive women’s football tournament with Venezuela, Chile, India, and Brazil national teams. On November 26, everyone could watch an exciting match between Brazil and India’s women’s football teams. The game was played on Friday at Arena da Amazonia. Then 3,194 spectators came to watch the game at the stadium, although the stadium has a capacity of 44,000 people.

This game was of great importance for the Indian team and the entire football community. It was the first-ever match between the football teams of these countries. It is also worth noting that for the legendary football veteran Formiga, this was the last international game in the Brazil national team.

It was evident from the game that the Indian team was inspired from the first minutes, as the game was historical for the team’s players. The team immediately showed morale on the field, especially in the first half of the match.

The Brazilian national team quickly scored the first goal against the opponent’s goal. In the first minute of the game, Debinha scored into an empty net after an excellent outplay of the Indian national team goalkeeper.

The Indian team managed to level the score in the match relatively quickly. A great pace down the left flank from Manisha Kalyan ended in a goal, despite all the efforts of the Brazilians to stop her.

After the Indian team equalized, the game became equal. Brazilian football players could not overcome the brilliant defense of India. Up to 35 minutes of the match, the main star on the field was the goalkeeper of the Indian team – Aditi Chauhan. She managed to save her net from a goal several times, which greatly influenced the game of the Brazilian national team. It was evident that the goalkeeper’s game greatly demoralized the opponent’s attacking players.

But already in the 36th match minute, Brazil managed to score the second goal against India thanks to Giovana’s excellent game. Despite the superb defense and the colossal efforts of Chauhan, the score in the match became 2-1 in favor of the Brazilian players.

Until the end of the first half, the score in the game has not changed. India showed an excellent game in the first half, as the players kept par with the opponent. But everything changed in the second half. The Brazilian national team found an approach to defending India and quickly began to dictate their game. This led to Brazil scoring five more goals in the second half.

In the 52nd minute of the match, Ary Borges scored the third goal against India after a great pass from Debinha. And after another three minutes of playing time, Brazil scored the fourth goal. Then, at the 55th match minute, Kerolin scored the ball into the net of the Indian national team, and the assist was from the substitute Geyse.

At the 76th minute of the game, Geyse herself scored a goal against the Indian team. Ana Vitoria was able to beat the defense of the Indian players and made a perfect pass, after which Geyse was able to make it 5-1.

Ary Borges scored the last goal of this game. It was the second goal she scored in the match. It happened in the 81st minute of the game. Not long before, Formiga came on the field as a substitute, and the team wanted to allow her to score in their last international match. She almost succeeded, but the goalkeeper of the Indian women’s team parried her shot, and Borges took advantage of the successful rebound.

But the team did not stop giving passes to Formiga, and at the 94th minute of the match, she again almost managed to score a goal, but after hitting the ball hit the crossbar of the Indian goal.

In the second half, Brazil dominated the field. Replacements for promising young players did not even help the Indian team. Due to poor defensive play, India had little chance of turning the tide in the second half.

For India, Brazil was the seventh country with which the national team played this year. All these games were in preparation for the Asian Cup, which should be held in 2022.

Team Information

India women’s national football team roster:

  • № 1 > Aditi Chauhan
  • № 4 > Loitongbam Ashalata Devi
  • № 2 > Nganbam Sweety Devi
  • № 8 > Sanju Yadav
  • № 17 > Dalima Chhibber – sub – 83′ № 14 > Sorokhaibam Ranjana Chanu
  • № 12 > Indumathi Kathiresan
  • № 9 > Anju Tamang – sub – 83′ № 28  Shilky Devi
  • № 16 > Manisha Kalyan – sub- 84′ № 18  Mariyammal Balamurugan
  • № 11 > Grace Dangmei – sub – 57′ № 3  Manisha Panna
  • № 7 > Yumnam Kamala Devi – sub – 45′ № 15  Renu
  • № 10 > Pyari Xaxa – замена – 71′ № 13  Martina Thokchom

Brazil women’s national football team roster:

  • № 22 > Leticia
  • № 3 > Daiane – sub – 45′ № > 25 Lauren Costa
  • № > 15 Tainara
  • № > 18 Katrine
  • № > 4 Antônia – sub – 45′ № 2 Bruninha
  • № > 24 Angelina – sub – 63′ № > 5 Julia Bianchi
  • № 7 > Duda
  • № 17 > Ary Borges 
  • № 21 > Kerolin – sub – 63′ № 16 Ana Vitoria
  • № 14 > Giovana – sub – 45′ № 23 Geyse 
  • № 9 > Debinha – sub – 78′ № 8 Formiga

Teams’ statistics


5   Fouls 4

0 Yellow Cards 0

0 Red Cards 0

3 Offsides 0

12 Corner Kicks 1

1 Saves 14

72% Possession 28%

37(20) Shots (on Goal) 7(2)

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