Is Lorraine Chen and her Specter Ecommerce Course A Scam?

After browsing online I ran across an ad for Lorraine Chen and her course Specter Ecommerce and the first thing I wanted to know was “is this a scam?”

I’ve been scammed in the past so I wanted to give you a full review if this course is a scam or not and if you should buy it.

In this article I’ll critique everything about the course and give you an objective answer to if you should buy this course for yourself or if Specter Ecommerce is a scam

Specter Ecommerce’s Course Material

Specter Ecommerce course material itself is very high quality. The program contains:

  • Step by step video training courses
  • Checklists for you to follow
  • Products and stores they help you pick
  • Coaching

These are all put in an easy to follow format that anyone can use and make money with. In this article I’ll cover each one in detail so you can determine if it is right for you

If you need to learn more about their course you can go on there Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or their Website to directly get answers from them

Specter Ecommerce’s Checklists

One of the most important things to me when I started Specter Ecommerce was having checklists to follow inside the course. With Lorraine, she made checklists for everyone to follow so that you can replicate her success

The reason why people in her course make so much money is because of the checklists she has. The checklists that Specter Ecommerce tell you what to do step by step so that you make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

The checklist says exactly what to follow daily so you don’t have to think much and you can finish setting things up pretty easily.

This is also how people make passive income quickly as well, as they just have to follow step by step instructions.

Video Training Course

Next is her video training course. Her Specter Ecommerce video training course contains video instructions and showing us exactly how to do ecommerce dropshipping

These videos are made in HD quality and easy to follow and understand as she shows you exactly what to click and how to set things up so you don’t have to worry about not being good with computers.

Not only this, some videos are very short (which is good!) A Lot of people confuse the fact that you need to have a long video course for it to be a good course, but that simply isn’t true.

She teaches only what is necessary to make passive income in the course, so the length shouldn’t matter

Think about it:

Would you rather spend 20 hours watching videos to make $5,000 per month or would you rather just spend 30 minutes making the same amount of money ? This is why having short videos is very important which is what Specter Ecommerce has.

Is Lorraine Chen A Scam?

After talking to Lorraine Chen, she seems like a down to earth person and very passionate about Ecommerce and helping her students.If you do research on her you can see that she has been doing ecommerce and dropshipping successfully for years without any issues

She has very deep knowledge in ecommerce and understands how to help beginners make passive income from home, which is why she is such an amazing coach

Overall she is not a scam, she is probably one of the best ecommerce experts available generating over $10million doing dropshipping

Ecommerce Coaching

This is probably the most important part to anyone having success in the course. It is with hands-on coaching that Specter Ecommerce has. 

You see, everyone is different, their experience levels are different and issues you run into in your business will be different

This is why it is so important to talk to the coach inside the course as they’re the only ones that know how to help you.

Many people don’t want to spend money on a course or invest in themselves and would rather go on youtube to watch videos. These people never make money and spend years working at a job they hate instead of just saving time and working with a coach

This is a benefit of a coach, coaches teach you how to do everything correctly and save your time.

How much is your time worth to you? Would you really rather waste 2+ years learning ecommerce by yourself reading blogs and videos or would you rather start making money within 1-2 months of starting.

Passive Income Setup

This is my favorite part about the course, they actually help you set up a passive income business. 

Unlike courses where there are just videos, this program Lorraine Chen and her team actually work with you to setting up your store by helping you pick your product and your store, and then help you find cheap freelancers to manage your store for you to make passive income

This is how I was able to make $6,000 per month passively in my second month of doing dropshipping!

Conclusion: Is Specter E Commerce A Scam?

Specter Ecommerce by Lorraine Chen is far from a scam, it is the best course you can take if you want to make money from home and generate passive income

I was just a few of the successful students making $6,000 per month in passive income and you can absolutely do this part time just a few minutes a day 

I’ve purchased many courses claiming they can help me make passive income or work from home, and honestly most of them were very poor in quality or just scams.

Specter Ecommerce is nothing like this. It is probably the best course available and can possibly make you thousands of dollars in passive income if you just follow her steps

I highly recommend you invest in yourself and join the program if you can afford it or save money to join as it is life changing for most people