Supplements to reverse diabetes

Diabetes is a lifestyle health problem that demands a well-defined management routine concerning one’s diet as well as exercise pattern as per a doctor’s advice or as recommended by a personalized diabetes coach. These all help in keeping the glucose level in the blood normal. Since the diet is a key component of any diabetes management plan, it is better to eat a nutritious meal spread across the day at regular intervals. For supplementing a regular diet with additional nourishment, dietary supplements help a lot in managing sugar levels. On the other hand, these must not be consumed in overdose as well as taken under proper medical guidance in order to ensure the most suitable diabetes management, chiefly in the case of type 2 diabetic patients. The commonly recommended supplements for improving the raised glucose levels are given below.

If any diabetic person is not consuming these wonder supplements, he or she is probably missing the boat towards lowering the blood sugar. Even the best meal plan is not seen to be enough for many diabetics. That’s for the reason that the stress of high blood glucose signifies that people with diabetes require an added boost to find stability as well as improved sugar control. Go through these natural supplements that are aimed towards improving a person’s overall health and help in kicking off diabetes for good.

Vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D is found to be associated with kidney and heart failure. And every diabetic must be knowing that both of these are major complications of diabetes. As its basic nature, vitamin D also guards bone and teeth strength. It is recommended in studies that vitamin D3 supplements are better acting as compared to vitamin D2.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

ALA is a powerful anti-oxidant accountable for enhancing insulin sensitivity. Antioxidants aid in protecting the blood vessels by counteracting the free radicals. ALA aid in getting glucose into the muscles as well as aids in improving diabetic neuropathy. In addition, this supplement helps in weight loss.


Present in various parts of plants, berberine is extensively employed in Asia for diabetes and GIT problems. It is found to be equally efficacious in decreasing insulin levels, similar to metformin. It helps in improving insulin function, reducing the production of glucose by the liver, and delaying the breakdown of carbs in the gut. It also improves nerve pain (neuropathy) as well as kidney problems, a severe complication of diabetes.


Cinnamon is also a natural strategy to reduce blood sugars. In a study, cinnamon was found to lower blood glucose levels from 18% to 29%. In that study, it also had a side benefit of reducing triglycerides as well as LDL cholesterol. To gain benefit from this superpower herb, sprinkle half a teaspoon on one’s favorite food and derive its benefits.


Good bacteria help in reducing sugar as well as insulin levels, which in turn help in better management of diabetes. In addition to preventing UTI, probiotics are great in combating yeast infections, which commonly occur in people with diabetes. The good bacteria help in improving the insulin function, bowel working, as well as aids in weight loss.


One of the most vital minerals present in the human body promotes more than 300 body functions ranging from reducing blood glucose, relaxing the muscles, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. The major food sources from where magnesium is obtained include leafy greens, berries, beans, nuts, tropical fruits, whole grains, herbs and spices, fish like mackerel, and dark chocolate.


Sleep is critical for good health as it aids in maintaining healthy levels of blood glucose. Melatonin hormone is essential for producing sleep. Lack of melatonin elevates the levels of blood sugar. Melatonin is present in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids maintain healthy cholesterol levels as well as maintain good heart health. Major sources can be flax seeds, fish, vegetable oils, walnuts, and wheat germs.

Safely use of supplements in people with diabetes

The Food and Drug Association legalizes supplements as food, not as medications. Hence these should be consumed only after proper discussion with a diabetes educator or healthcare provider. Experts suggest purchasing these supplements with a ‘USP verified’ seal. It is suggested to make sure that a person does a glucose test to monitor the glucose levels regularly so that the effects of supplements on the sugar levels can be understood. So, if any diabetic is worried about his or her blood sugar, know that several natural strategies can be of great help.

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