The Best and Free Mobile Apps for Downloading Music in 2022

Despite the fact that there are numerous high-quality tools and applications for listening to and streaming music available today, you’ll undoubtedly have the want to download one of your favorite songs from time to time. This post is for you if you wish to download music for free to your Android and/or iOS device. The most cost-effective music download apps, as well as the greatest ones for both Android and iOS, will be covered here, so keep reading to find out more.

Note that some of these Android apps must be downloaded outside of the Google Play Store, which is no different than downloading other apps like TV streaming apps, movie apps, gambling apps (legal ones, like the best online casinos in Sweden, are described on legitimate sites), and so on. Allowing unknown sources on Android is required for downloading and installing such apps.


  • Platforms: Android and iOS

Try Audiomack if you want to know that the music you download won’t infringe on copyright and you’re interested in discovering new electronic, hip-hop, and reggae artists. This software provides a venue for artists that don’t have official distribution, while yet maintaining a content control system to ensure that the content is of high quality.

This volunteer endeavor has already influenced hip-hop musicians like Fetty Wap, T-Wayne, and Migos to sign record deals, and now you have the opportunity to discover the next great thing.


  • Platform: Android

The Fildo app comes in two different versions. The first one is accessible in the Play Store, but it won’t let you download the MP3 files you need – it’s “Music Player”. Install the APK from the verified Fildo website to receive the version of the app that allows you to download free music.

After you’ve downloaded it, utilize the app’s search function to look for songs or albums that you’re interested in. If you wish to discover hits, you can use numerous charts labeled as “Top” from various music sites with which the program interacts. The search function is used in a way to find a specific song or the whole album of your choice. Then select the appropriate option to download, assemble a playlist, or listen to it by clicking the “+” button in the top right corner. You may also make playlists and access lyrics using the app. In order to get allowed to listen to the songs you download, even without using the application, they’ll be saved to your device’s storage (the internal one).


  • Platforms: Android

When it comes to downloading music, NewPipe is another tool that will come in handy. Because the application is open-source, it’s always being enhanced. It also supports SoundCloud, Bandcamp, FramaTube, and MediaCCC, as well as downloads (currently all in beta).

A YouTube interface is launched by the application by default. Simply choose the video you want to download, then click the download sign in the top right corner to specify whether you want it in video or audio format, as well as the format you want it in. In the upper left corner, you’ll see the icon with the inscription “Menu”. To complete switch to, say, SoundCloud, tap it, then do the same with the icon at the top, the big red one saying “NewPipe”, and select the desired service.


  • Platforms: Android

As one of the more stylish authentic music apps serving for download, using YMusic gives you the opportunity to play any video from YouTube as an audio file, even allowing you to run it in the background on your device.

What makes YMusic an excellent choice is that it allows you to download videos as audio files as well. You may download them in two formats (MP3 and M4A), and the application also has a fantastic library user interface that allows you to manage your music files later, much like you would in a music player app. Songs you’ve downloaded are stored on your phone and can be accessed through your preferred music player. YMusic is the most convenient and trustworthy alternative on this list, despite the fact that you must download it outside of the Google Play Store.


  • Platform: Android

SONGily’s free edition has built-in advertisements, but what’s more essential about this app is that it provides access to a large library of music, both new and old, from well-known and lesser-known artists, ranging from pop to chillout music. You’ll notice options to play and download the songs you’re listening to with each song you find, and they’ve recently added a tool that allows you to download videos.

It’s the type of program we assume Google despises, so don’t be shocked if it vanishes from the Google Play Store, forcing you to look for it elsewhere.

GTunes Music Downloader

  • Platforms: Android

GTunes is another app you’ll need to download from Google’s App Store; once you’ve input your queries, it searches for numerous huge domains of music to download; you’ll find millions of artists and songs from throughout the generations. Because the search options are limited, this is best used if you already know which songs you want and just want to download them. This isn’t the best music finding app, but it will do the job.

GTunes comes with its own player and even allows you to crop ringtones and set songs as ringtones. These are all really basic functions, but if you’re not rigorous, this program can assist you.


  • Platform: Android

The finest free music download apps aren’t often those that are especially created for that reason. TubeMate is a program that lets you download YouTube videos in a variety of formats, including audio-only versions. YouTube, as you surely know, is one of the finest sites to listen to music, and now, thanks to TubeMate, it’s also one of the best locations to download that music.

TubeMate is available for download via the official website (Google doesn’t allow it on the Play Store, presumably because it interferes with YouTube). When you try to download videos as audio (M4A or MP3), you’ll be sent to MP3 Video Converter, which works in tandem with TubeMate to convert video to audio.

Concerns You May Have…

Where can you get more open source apps for your Android device? If you’ve tried NewPipe and enjoyed using it, you may want to expand your open-source library. You can find many such applications on websites like F-Droid.

Now, why are there so few iOS apps on this list? According to the guidelines available on the Apple App Store, downloading videos from websites such as YouTube/Facebook/Dailymotion is prohibited. At the same time, some of the Android apps listed are in conflict with Google. For example, NewPipe accesses YouTube without using an API or running ads.

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