The Best Entertainment Options for Corporate Events Today


Planning a corporate event can be tedious, and with such a large proportion of corporate events focused on company matters, the planning can in fact be downright boring.

However, planners can really start to enjoy the small portion of corporate events that can be dedicated to entertainment. Attendees will appreciate a break from the business focus, and this is a great opportunity for planners to engage and motivate attendees. With that in mind, here are the best current options for entertainment for corporate events:

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are all the rage right now. From library programs for kids to guys’ night out, everyone is into escape rooms. What better way to encourage teamwork at a corporate event than planning an elaborate escape room that requires colleagues to work together in order to break out.

Escape rooms for corporate events can be business related to tie into the theme, or they can be a theme that is completely unrelated, giving attendees a real break from the event and a chance for their brain to switch gears. Escape rooms are entertainment that also requires some thinking and strategy, which is perfect for the business world. 

Live Bands or Singers

Everyone loves music, and a live performer or group is a great way to give corporate event attendees a break. A cover band or even a solo singer would be a great addition to any corporate event.

Live bands and singers also provide a more memorable encounter than a playlist or recorded music might. Even a DJ would encourage some audience participation, and you may even get some dancing at the event. Making a corporate event fun and memorable is certainly an accomplishment that live music can help achience.


After long days of business meetings and presentations, attendees at your event could probably use a laugh. Hire a comedian to help your attendees relax, destress, and laugh after a long day. Like live music, comedians are a great way to engage an audience and encourage fun participation through laughter.

Be sure that the comedian you choose fits the tone of the event and has a routine that appeals to your audience.

Celebrity Impersonators

Celebrity impersonators are another great option for live entertainment to engage your audience. Again, consider your audience and your company, and look for an impersonator that appeals widely to your audience.

Circus Performers

If you are planning a larger event, you will probably need to book a large venue. If you have the benefit of space, consider aweing your audience with circus performers as the entertainment. From acrobats to jugglers and more, if space allows, you can find a circus performer to wow your attendees.

While the main focus of any corporate event is certainly going to be the business and company aspects, it is also important to provide attendees an entertaining and engaging break. Consider your audience and your space when booking entertainment for our corporate event, and be original. Attendees will appreciate the fun break.

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