The man with the most red cards in the Italian Serie A

There are many football players who have outstanding football records for a number of reasons. Most of them are remembered due to the number of goals they scored. On the other hand, for example, there have been players who have been remembered as outstanding goalkeepers. Taking advantage of the 1xBet promo code is certainly an excellent idea to wager on those players who bring great results for their teams.

Yet, despite those incredible records, there are a few names that are highlighted not because of the beauty of their game, but due to their brutality. This is the case of Paolo Montero, a fierce and feared Uruguayan defender who has an infamous record. Specifically, he is the player with the largest number of red cards in the Italian Serie

Montero immediately started to show his character. He began his career on the Uruguayan team Peñarol back in 1990. However, his talent and excellent defensive skills quickly caught the attention of Atalanta, who signed the player back in 1992. His performances at the Italian team were so great, that in 1996 he joined no other squad than Juventus. While Montero is long retired, his example has served a lot of other defenders who have played at Juventus. They help to provide great chances to those who use the promo code 1xBet when wagering on the Vecchia Signora.

Montero’s victims

During the 11 years that he spent at the Italian Serie A, Montero received a total of 21 red cards. This impressive number is unlikely to be surpassed anytime soon. In general, Italian football is well known for its strong defensive displays. This means that by making a 1xBet login, there will always be chances to bet on teams with great defenses.

However, there is a thin line between great defensive displays and outright brutality. It is fair to say that during Paolo Montero’s career in the Italian Serie A he had great performances. However, he also claimed multiple “victims” by his brutality. Some of the players who had the dubious honor of being kicked by Montero included:

  • Marcelo Salas;
  • Andrea Pirlo;
  • Pavel Nedved;
  • and even Francesco Totti.

Some of his victims were less lucky than others. Most of them were able to continue playing after a short medical treatment in the field. However, a few others were forced to leave the game.

Paolo Montero retired long ago. However, football forwards can’t really feel relieved by this fact. This is because there have been other players who came after Montero who were also known for their tackles. Names like Pepe or Nigel de Jong would make the Uruguayan proud. Of course, players like this will continue to appear in the future, and by making a login 1xBet, it will be possible to bet on the red cards that they will receive.