These 10 Hashtags are Trending on Twitter

You are an ardent fan of cryptocurrencies. You wish to connect with other enthusiasts and air your views. Several social networking websites will grant you this opportunity. However, Twitter seems the best of the lot. At least, 10 of the hashtags on its platform have a wide outreach, visit site.

1. #Bitcoin

The statistics are staggering!

Almost five million people follow the @Bitcoin account. The viewing of #Bitcoin is almost 50 million. Naturally, numerous tweets and retweets show up every hour.

Beginners and experts haunt this hashtag, as well as, #btc. Discussions, sharing of information, promotion of start-ups, etc., are in vogue.

2. #Ethereum

Its companions are #ethereumprice, #Ethereum Classic, #eth, and #ethereumdip.

Ethereum is amongst the most popular digital currencies across the globe. Therefore, anything connect with it generates plenty of global interest. The evidence is there in the 1,000+ tweets that show up on Twitter every hour.

The main Ethereum account boasts of slightly over 2 million followers. The others are not particularly popular in comparison.

3. #Cryptocurrency

The fact that that it receives over 8 million visits per hour, indicates its immense popularity. It seems to engage users more than Bitcoin does. The evidence is there in the receipt of almost 5,000 tweets every hour.

You may follow both, #crypto and #cryptocurrency. In fact, you may use these platforms to promote your own viewpoints, quite successfully. Do not forget to look at #cryptocurrencytrading and #cryptocurrencynews, too.

4. #Dogecoin

Elon Musk is responsible for the public’s interest in this meme coin! He revived its flagging popularity with his enthusiastic tweets. It is no wonder then that the hashtag attracts almost 3 million crypto enthusiasts!

Although the tweets number in mere hundreds, the hashtag receives hourly visits touching almost 5.5 million.

Equally popular are #Dogecoins and #DogecoinToTheMoon. Try to visit the two accounts – Dogecoin Ride and Dogecoin Ride, too.

5. #BinanceSmartChain

It is a recent addition to the Twitter popularity charts. The reason is that this blockchain can run Dapps (decentralized apps) and smart contracts.

The Binance Chain, which is the original blockchain, runs alongside Binance Smart Chain. However, the former lacks the additional features that the latter possesses.

It was this new development that attracted followers in the millions. Today, it receives almost 900,000 visits every hour.

6. #Airdrop

Airdrop is synonymous with ‘free’ cryptocurrencies. Naturally, beneficiaries and would-be beneficiaries love to connect on Twitter. Some share their experiences, while others request advice. At least, 3,000+ people visit the hashtag every hour, posting over 1,000 tweets.

It is possible to receive up-to-date knowledge regarding new airdrops from the @AirdropInspector account. You might also follow Airdrop Star and Airdrop Detective.

7. #Blockchain

Advanced technologies tend to affect cryptocurrency operations. Therefore, #Blockchain has a large fan following. Every hour, almost 5 million of the global populace troops towards it. The tweets do not reach this whopping number! However, they are interesting enough to capture the attention of visitors.

Other hashtags to follow, include #NFTCommunity, #BlockchainGaming, #NFTs, and #DeFi.

8. #Cardano

Over 1.2 million fans keep the Cardano Community going strong!

The #Cardano hashtag itself attracts almost the same number of viewers. Almost 700 users tweet and retweet, every hour. These posts express their curiosity about developments taking place on this blockchain project. Admittedly, Cardano is a popular cryptocurrency.

Another hashtag to follow is #ADA.

9. #Altcoin and #Altcoins

It might seem impossible, but Altcoins operated much better than Bitcoin did, in 2021! This has enhanced their popularity immensely!

Over 2 million people visit the #Altcoin hashtag, every hour. The number of tweets every hour, is on the rise. Around 133,000 viewers visit #Altcoins, every hour.

Other altcoin hashtags, include #Tether, #AltcoinGems, #Cardano, #USDCoin, #Polkadot, and #xrp.

Twitter accounts, include Altcoin Buzz, Altcoin Daily, and Altcoin Psycho.

10. #Trading

This hashtag is a boon for crypto day traders! They learn so much about cryptocurrencies and Forex, from #Trading, and its allies. The allies, include #cryptocurrency, #bitcoin, #btc, etc.

With almost 3 million enthusiasts walking up to its doorstep, #Trading holds its own amongst the other ‘great’ cryptocurrencies. Even if the tweets are few, the information presented in them is of great value.

You might enjoy these coin tags, such as #ripple, #xrp, #xmr, #itc, etc., too.