Tik Tok Promotion: 5 Reasons Why Tik Tok Isn’t For You

Tik Tok quickly gained the interest of users and has risen to the same level as the no less popular Instagram. On the wave of popularity even a new occupation/hobby/profession – “tiktoker” appeared.

A detailed analysis of the audience showed that the demographics of the users are much broader and there are people of all ages. Thanks to its convenient and simple format, the network has begun to attract advertisers and bloggers who want to monetize their publicity. Everybody wants to get more popularity, boost profile, get likes Tik Tok. But it’s not as simple as it seems.

5 Reasons Why Tik Tok Isn’t For You

Reason 1: video content

Many people shy away from making stories, not to mention making fun videos. On Instagram you can still get by with photos, for example, without a face, or just doing aesthetically pleasing profiles, avoiding going live stream, but on Tik Tok you can’t avoid it. If you can’t overcome shyness, you’re unlikely to succeed on Tik Tok. On Tik Tok you have to post a video every day. And if you don’t know how to edit and shoot and don’t want to learn, Tik Tok is not for you.

Reason 2: humor

Another factor that is likely to shut you out on Tik Tok is humor. If you can’t joke, if you don’t have sarcasm and irony, then this network will be very difficult for you. It’s an entertainment network. People go there to relax, to laugh, to watch jokes. Your content has to be catchy in some way: in its humor or in its presentation.

Reason 3: thoughtful content

Content for Tik Tok has to be made on purpose. You have to shoot content on purpose, think through the script, follow hottest tik tokkers trends and music, make jokes, and put effort into creating content.

Reason 4: talent

Talented people are so much easier in this social network. Yeah, it’s a pretty simple truth, but it’s true.

Reason 5: age

It’s not about real age, but about the way you think. If you still suppose Tik Tok is only for childrens and teens, that there’s only dancing, then you definitely don’t belong there. It’s already changed a lot with adult audiences in the last two years.

If you really want to take this seriously, remember about promotion. After all, without promotion it’s impossible to reach the top, get into recommendations, and promote Tik Tok. The key to success is a comprehensive approach. 

Here is a video on how to make money on Tik Tok: main tricks and secrets

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