Top 10 list of Skills to Look for in a Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer works with the back-end, front end, server side as well as the client side of the application. They are required to have certain skills in a wide range of coding niches such as databases, graphic design and UI/UX management. Full stack developers help with various stages of development and assist all levels of the development team. A full stack developer assists wherever they’re needed in the process.

Some responsibilities of a full stack developer include:

-assisting with the design and development of software

-being up to date with advances in technology,

-developing front-end website architecture,

-developing back-end website applications,

-staying up to date with web application development

-creating servers and databases,

-developing APIs

-designing APIs.

Top 5 Must Have Skills for a Full Stack Developer

It takes a serious set of skills in order to become an excellent full stack developer. Some skills to look for in a full stack developer are:

1.HTML & CSS (Front-end LanguagesHTML and CSS also known as front- end languages add to the appearance of web page. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) structures the web page while CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) describes the visual layout/presentation of the web page. Full stack developers must have the necessary skills for using these front-end languages in order for them to create interactive web pages.2.Back-end LanguagesThese handle the unseen functionality of web applications. Some back-end languages include:

PHP-which is a great option for beginners because the setup is simple and it is more tolerant of errors compared to the rest.

Ruby-which has is an open-source language that allows one to create straightforward tasks. Some popular companies that use Ruby include TaskRabbit, Scribd and Airbnb.

Python-which can be used in either small or large scale projects, supports a variety of programming paradigms. Python focuses on code readability.

3.Database Management

Understanding and being able to manipulate databases is crucial for a developer as every software needs a database to store its data. A full stack is required to have refined database management skills as well as some good knowledge of relational databases. Some frequently used databases in full stack development are:





  1. JavaScript

JavaScript applies in both front-end and back-end engineering and is commonly used in building mobile applications, websites and more.

  1. Soft Skills

While front-end and back-end skills are quite significant in the life of a full stack developer, the following soft skills are just as important:







-attention to detail

Benefits of US Companies Working with Nearshore Software Development Companies

Nearshore outsourcing may not be for every company out there but its advantages are major.

Neashore outsourcing is when companies give their software development or other certain tasks to companies in countries close to theirs. The favorable time difference between a company and its contractor is 1-3 hours as this means no communication barriers between the two. Below are some advantages of US companies working with nearshore software development companies:

-Same/Similar time zone- Major work hour differences can often lead to problems especially in making timely collaborations and this cause less efficiency and effectiveness. Nearshore software development companies work in a similar time zone to that of your company which means more efficiency and effectiveness.

-Low costly- the US dollar is often much stronger than that of most other countries which means that Nearshore outsourcing will cost US companies much less.

-Less language barriers-Language barriers make it difficult to communicate and comprehend instructions and this leads to less efficiency and progress. US companies utilizing Nearshore outsourcing means that there are less language barriers as countries in proximity to them often use English for communication or as a second language.

-Savings on Tax-people now turn to Nearshore outsourcing because some Major IT outsourcing firms are under governments that support it by implementing laws that favor their companies which means less taxation and more savings.

-Some major companies such as Apple and Amazon have already taken advantage of Nearshore outsourcing and are reaping its benefits today. Nearshore outsourcing allows the actual employees of a company to focus on effective project management and client communication.

-Full stack developers are in high demand. Following a career in full stack development today is a smart move however you have to put in the work. Start with the correct training program and you’ll succeed.

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