Top-5 Best Indian Football Teams in 2022

The year 2022 should be a landmark year for Indian football, namely for Indian Super League teams and I-League. As we can see, the last two years have been challenging for India in terms of football. It is no secret that it was because of the COVID-19 pandemic that the country’s sports sector began to decline. But in the new year 2022, football clubs began to show a good level of play, as if there were no problems. Since the pandemic’s beginning, many things have happened, both good and bad, in football India. So let’s hope that it is 2022 that will bring teams and players stability in the game and the beauty that fans love them for.

1. Mumbai City

On the first line of our rating is the วิเคราะห์บอลวันนี้. It’s not just that the soccer club is the leader in goals scored in ISL 2021-2022. The team has already scored 22 goals. This is not happening by chance. The team is very ambitious and wants to repeat last season’s results. Recall that in that year, it was Mumbai City that won the championship. Such a good start for the team further motivates the players to take the second title in a row. At the moment, the team has already played 11 matches, 5 of which the club won, two drew, and lost four more. In total, the team was able to score 17 points and placed fourth in the standings.

  • Games – 11.
  • Goals – 22.
  • Clean sheets – 3.
  • Draws – 2.
  • Wins – 5.
  • Loses – 4.
  • Passes – 4745.
  • Shots – 157.
  • Fouls – 131.
  • Tackles – 335.
  • Touches – 6657.
  • Yellow cards – 14.
  • Red cards – 1.
  • Crosses – 133.

2. Gokulam Kerala

Gokulam Kerala Football Club is ranked second in the list of the best teams in India. Last season’s champions in terms of compatibility, the I-League club, had a great start this year. It’s all because the team has a lot of motivation and a great coach who helps the players to discover their potential. Last year, the team managed to score 31 goals. From 15 games, the team confidently won 9 wins, played two draws, and lost four times. This year the team started the season with a win.

  • Games – 1.
  • Goals – 1.
  • Clean sheets – 1.
  • Draws – 0.
  • Wins – 1.
  • Loses – 0.
  • Shots – 4.
  • Fouls – 9.
  • Yellow cards – 2.

3. ATK Mohun Bagan

Last year’s Indian Super League runner-up and rival Mumbai City had a great run in the league last season. The players had a great and eventful year, which helped the team to get stronger mentally so that in the new year, the team would feel more confident on the way to the title. For ATK Mohun Bagan, the season began quite successfully, with two victories, but the team lost ground. But everything changed with the arrival of a new coach, who helped the team believe in success again, which allowed the team to win and turn the tide in the standings and the season.

  • Games – 9.
  • Goals – 20.
  • Clean sheets – 1.
  • Draws – 3.
  • Wins – 4.
  • Loses – 4.
  • Passes – 3090.
  • Shots – 112.
  • Fouls – 121.
  • Tackles – 292.
  • Touches – 4737.
  • Yellow cards – 12.
  • Red cards – 1.
  • Crosses – 86.

4. Churchill Brothers

This year the team will turn 34 years old, during which time the Churchill Brothers managed to become I-League champions twice in 2008-09, 2012-13 seasons. Last year the team showed promising results, but they were not enough to get a third title. Out of 15 games, the football club played 15 games, 8 of which the team won, drew five times, and lost only two times. However, this season, 2021-2022, did not start well for the team. In one game played, the team could not score points, as they lost with a score of 0-1.

  • Games – 1.
  • Goals – 0.
  • Clean sheets – 0.
  • Draws – 0.
  • Wins – 0.
  • Loses – 1.
  • Shots – 10.
  • Fouls – 6.
  • Yellow cards – 1.

5. Hyderabad F

Closes our rating football club from the Indian Super League Hyderabad FC. The team is now in third place in the standings and even overtook the championship favorite, club Mumbai City on points. The year ended relatively well for the team, as it occupies a reasonably good position in the rankings. According to experts, with minor changes in the lineup, the team will be able to climb even higher in the standings, which will give the players additional motivation for the next season. Namely, the team will be able to claim the championship in ISL.

  • Games – 11.
  • Goals – 21.
  • Clean sheets – 1.
  • Draws – 5.
  • Wins – 4.
  • Loses – 2.
  • Passes – 3927.
  • Shots – 147.
  • Fouls – 171.
  • Tackles – 327.
  • Touches – 5878.
  • Yellow cards – 22.
  • Red cards – 0.
  • Crosses – 190.

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