Top Three Sports to Place Bets On

With online sportsbooks opening up many more opportunities, sports betting has become a favourite pastime worldwide. Bettors now have access to sites like, which allows them to place bets on almost any sport. 

However, which sports are the most popular sports to bet on globally? While there are many sports available, we’ll be looking at the top three sports worldwide bettors place bets on.

Third – Tennis

While tennis ranks first on the list of individual sports that bets are placed on, it comes in third overall. The betting market is so popular that it’s often uncertain whether tennis is third or second, with horse racing being the other variable. It has a massive global following of around a billion people, and there are over 1,500 tournaments each year. With more than 93,000 matches, it gives punters many betting opportunities. 

It’s also a sport liked by both new and experienced punters, as there are no draws and most bets are straightforward. There can be low odds when someone like Nadal or Federer plays against an outsider, as tennis has several big names that are almost guaranteed a win. Live betting has also become more prevalent in recent years, pushing the betting market for tennis even higher.

Second – Horse Racing

As one of the sports that has been related to gambling since the start, horse racing is still a betting giant. Whether it’s at a racetrack or using an online racebook, bettors around the world still place bets on this sport. With Japan as the most significant betting market in horse racing, it’s followed by the UK and Australia as the next biggest betting market. 

Horse racing is one of the few sports available 24/7, and with the high stakes, you get many big punters who bet on this sport. Massive events like the Kentucky Derby, the Dubai World Cup and the Breeders’ Cup makes the following even more extensive and offer more betting opportunities.

First – Football

Football or soccer, as the Americans call it, isn’t only the most popular sport worldwide, with a following of four billion people, but also the most bet on sport. Not to be confused with American football, European football is betted on worldwide and studies show that almost 70% of all betting worldwide is focused on football. This is thanks to global tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, where 210 countries participate every four years and whittles it down to the final 32 teams. 

Within the UK alone, it’s estimated that over 1 billion pounds is betted annually. The only countries that don’t have football as their most betted sport are the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. However, it remains the top sport for punters to bet on globally.

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