U-part Human Hair Wigs: How do They Differ from Lace Wigs?


U-part Human Hair Wigs: How do They Differ from Lace Wigs?

Wigs have become one of the most sought-after hair products across the globe as they give your hair a nice boost and provide you with a different look. There are many types of wigs. Lace wigs and u-part wigs are two types you can go for. Although they are, in many ways, very similar, they still have some distinct features that make them different. This article will help you get a better understanding of u-part wigs.


What are u-part human hair wigs?

How do they differ from lace wigs?

Advantages of U-part Wigs


What are u-part human hair wigs?

A U-part human hair wig is a type of wig that has a parting that forms the shape U in the middle or on the side of the wig. This allows the wearer’s hair at that section to be left free giving them the freedom to place the hair on either side of their head, providing them more versatility and freedom when it comes to styling their hair. A U-part wig is ideal for people who are looking for something different, who have thinning hair, or who want a wig that is lighter and less expensive than a full wig.

How do they differ from lace wigs?

Coverage of the wig

The most apparent difference between U part human hair wig and lace wigs is the coverage of the wig. Lace wigs cover the entire head. In addition, the lace front wigs will cover the front face head. Whereas, the u-part wigs do not cover the entire head as there is an opening that is left at the front through which natural hair is left out.

Use of lace

Lace wigs, from which they get their name, have a sheer lace as the base of the edges of the wig. The only thing is that the size of the lace will differ among them, for instance, in a frontal lace wig the lace only covers the front while in a 360 lace frontal, it goes all the way around. U-shaped human hair wigs are not laced but rather have a u-shaped opening.

Versatility in Styling

U-part human hair wigs offer more versatility in terms of installation and styling of the hair. This is due to the fact that a section of your natural hair gets to be left out giving you more freedom as your part your hair and style the edges.


Due to the non-lace factor of the u-part human hair wigs, they tend to be cheaper than most lace wigs.

Advantages of U-part Wigs

It Promotes Healthy Hair

U-part human hair wigs promote the health of your hair by allowing you to easily access it. This gives you the opportunity to properly wash your hair as well as perform other hair and scalp care activities as often as you would prefer.

It Prevents Hair Loss

For those with weak hairlines, tightly sewed in braids or weaves are not the best option as they can cause your hair to pluck off due to the tension. This hair loss can be prevented by the use of the u-part human hair wigs.

Suitable for sensitive skin

This type of human hair wig is safe for all skin types, even sensitive ones. This is because no form of chemicals is introduced into the scalp through adhesives. Also, it does not get pulled on by tight braids.

They are Breathable

Your hair and scalp get a chance to breathe some air even when you are wearing a u-part human hair wig. This is thanks to the u-shaped opening that is available.


It can be quite trick when you are trying to decide between a lace front or a U-part wig. With the lace front or bob wig with bangs, you get full coverage of your natural hair, but it could cause a lot of tension to your hair and edges. As for a U-part wig, you get a more natural look, however, your leave-out may begin to succumb to heat damage and breakage with time due to frequent exposure to heat when styling it.

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