Ways to keep your playlists regularly up to date

As soon as you have a good playlist, keeping it up to date is super important. Nothing is more annoying than listening to an hour-long playlist and realizing that it’s mostly songs released in 2010 or 2011. 

No one wants to hear music from 12 years ago! We want new music. So, how do we stay on top of our playlists?

First, you should work out what kind of music you like. We love 90s alternative grunge (think White Zombie, Alice in Chains), indie pop (think The 1975), and also some ’80s synth-pop (think Powerline). 

This year we’ve been introduced to new genres like K-Pop (think BLACKPINK) and Korean rap/hip hop (I don’t know much about this yet), and we are trying to keep our playlists updated with similar songs. 

These sounds might not be your bag, but an updated list must be a priority no matter what you like.

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Moods and tempos

Do you like when your playlist is a mix of genres? Or do you prefer a nice blend of different moods, tempos, and sounds? Maybe you’re all about the soul or just want to hear some empowering female artists?

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Whatever works for you, having a good playlist that’s regularly updated will help prevent burnout from listening to the same music repeatedly. It’ll also get more people sharing their favorite songs on your music accounts too.

We have been thinking about how we can update my playlists with variety, so here are some more ideas:

11 more reasons 

1 – Reorganize the list from oldest to newest and make sub-categories for subgenres.

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2 – Go through your playlists and listen to the songs you haven’t heard in a while. This one is pretty obvious, but I’m not sure how often we actually do it.

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3 – Add new songs! If you’re using Spotify, this is super easy because it can recommend new music for you based on what’s in your library. We love listening to the Discover Weekly playlist each week to find contemporary artists and songs we like. You can also listen through different playlists or ‘radio’ stations without adding them to your library, so you won’t necessarily have all these songs saved in one place.

4 – Consider adding or removing certain genres from your lists if they aren’t working for you anymore.

5 – Switch up the artists on your list by swapping their positions. Sometimes, when listening to our playlists, we realize the same artists are at the top – so tiring! We don’t mind if some songs are from the same artist, but too many can be tedious. This is why it’s important to have variety on your lists, so you don’t get burned out listening to music.

6 – If you enjoy YouTube, look through their official audio library for great new songs! They have thousands of videos that haven’t been uploaded yet and aren’t available on any other streaming platform, which means they count as ‘new!’ You can find these playlists by clicking on the little arrow next to related under each song or video.

7- Look through your friends’ playlists for good recommendations or listen to what your followers like (if you have any). Consider using a good playlist sharing app that shows what your followers love.

8- If you don’t want to listen to music through a streaming service or use a playlist-sharing app, finding a song online and then looking up remixes from various artists is another way to keep the music fresh. 

Now and then, we will find a song on one of our favorite playlists, download it to have access to more versions of the song, and explore more remixes from artists. Changing it up this way, you can incorporate new songs without adding them directly to your playlists.

10 – If you use Apple Music or Spotify Premium, there is an ‘Up Next’ valuable feature for keeping your music fresh! You can use this with their radio stations or any playlist (although, be aware this feature might delete some songs if you’re listening offline.)

11- If you use multiple streaming services, check out Cosmic Panda Radio, where they take songs from different platforms like Apple Music and Spotify and make one fantastic mix! It’s free to use with ads, but you can subscribe for a premium if you want more features.

Spotify is not the only place to get music

Browse your favorite genres on YouTube Music for new songs and artists that you might like or that you don’t already know about it!

Find the playlists people you follow/talk to on social media usually share and see their listening habits. If you visit this maangome, you can get more information about it. It is high time, to click here to know malluwap and also you should learn more about soap2day.

Pay attention to the music coming up at your shows! If you see a concert or opening act that you like, look them up and add some of their songs to one of your playlists. It’s easy to forget about them after they’ve played, but it’s such an excellent way to find new artists as well as support those who make music in the genres you like.

Lookup Apple Music’s future releases so that each week you can get a list of new songs that are coming out soon. You’ll be ahead of the game and can add them as soon as they’re released.

Other free music options are Jamendo, SoundCloud, and Bensound, making music available for free. Some have a more limited range of genres, but they’re an easy way to get some free music.

Try the Free Music Archive–it has so much music and is constantly updating itself with new content. It also suggests options based on the songs you like, so it’s another way to introduce something you might not have tried before.

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Musopen is free

How about Musopen? Musopen is a nonprofit dedicated to getting all kinds of music online for free, including classical. It has tons of great music, they always update the availability on Twitter, so it’s something we go back to when we need some new tracks.

All of this is going to help your playlists stay fresh and not be repetitive – so the next time someone shares one of your playlists, they won’t roll their eyes when they see “playlist from last year” or “playlist from 2010”.

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