What it Will Cost You to Live in Washington D.C.

Washington DC is a city where many people come to visit. It has a lot of tourist attractions and was voted the most livable city in America in 2017. Washington DC is also home to several museums, including the Smithsonian Institution, which includes 19 museums and galleries. One of peoples favorite places in Washington DC is the Library of Congress. They love its architecture and individuals are always amazed by how much information is stored inside it.

Washington D.C. is a great metro to live in. Many real estate websites are buzzing with searches around Washington D.C. apartments and homes for sale in the area. However, with living in Washington D.C. or any city for that matter comes costs associated with it. 

In this post, we will talk about some of those costs.

Groceries & Food

While living in D.C., you can expect to pay about 10% above the national average for groceries. Unfortunately, this is a cost that you endure with living in a major city. Prices are inflated. 

It still will not be as expensive as a city like New York. If you crunch some numbers, your average monthly grocery bill should be around $300. visit here movie4me

Gas Prices

Gas prices for cities a bit South tend to be cheaper compared to those up North. Gas prices from state to state don’t fluctuate too much, but you can expect to pay 10-50 cents cheaper than some metros located North of Washington D.C. 

Sales & Income Tax

Sales tax falls in line with most other states. There is a 6% sales tax in D.C. 

The downfall is when it comes to income taxes. D.C. has higher income taxes. Residents of Washington D.C. pay the most in federal income tax when you look at it per capita. You may wonder why? Well, it’s because the average income in Washington D.C. is higher than other cities. More info for visit the site bolly4u


Real estate in Washington D.C. will be out of most peoples price range, but if you can find the right job within the metro, you will be fine. That is why the average salary of individuals in D.C. is higher than other areas. Or, find a roommate in Washington D.C. and be less worried about paying the high rents.

You can compare rent and real estate pricing to those of cities like New York and Miami. Again, this is accounted for within Washington D.C. so it is still made affordable for individuals working within the metro. click here okpunjab