Which Sport is the Easiest to Predict for Betting?


Any person who decides to start betting may have the following question: what kind of sport is the easiest to predict?

For some, betting on a particular sport can lead to getting profit much more often than on another, if they are well versed in it. For others, it may be better to single out several sports at once and bet on them in apps such as the  BetWinner app.

In this article, we will try to figure out how everything works in the world of professional betting.

Team or Single Sports: What to Choose

Those who bet for the first time, or the first few times, may mistakenly believe that it will be more profitable to bet on single sports. This is because the bettors think that if there are fewer players in the team, then it will be easier for them to guess the outcome of the game. One of the most common options in this situation is tennis. We can see 2 players on the field and for many the chances of success are 50/50. There are no such complex nuances that must always be taken into account, as in football: penalties, injuries, player substitutions, etc.

However, this is not quite true. In any sport, there are special nuances that you should always keep in mind. Ignorance can lead to disappointment in the results and losses for a long time. In all games where there are people, it is worth considering the human factor – any player can get injured, be in a bad mood or get sick before the game.

In team sports, problems associated with one player have less effect on the result of the match – they can be replaced. And even if a disqualification occurs and there is no substitute, the team can continue to play without that player.

So What Sport to Choose for Betting?

We cannot give you a specific answer to this question. As a rule, those who place bets for a long time prefer to conduct an in-depth analysis before each match. In order to make an assumption about the victory of a particular team, it is worth carefully analyzing the xG statistics data.

When it comes to football, these statistics can show the behavior of the team and the results of matches in different situations (tactics if it lost or won the previous game, tactics when replacement or disqualification of one or more players happen, etc.).

If you start analyzing the game of any team during a long period, then you can choose the potential winner of the match easier and faster.

Is It Worth Betting on Unpopular Sports?

The main advantage of popular sports for betting is broad and variable action line.

Bookmakers tend to focus on such events, so players always have plenty to choose from. In addition, after analyzing the odds in different bookmakers, the bettor can choose the most profitable one. This is an absolute plus of popular sports.

As we said above, it all depends on knowledge. If a person understands not the most popular sport very well, then they can get a pretty good result and a very solid profit. This happens due to the fact that in most cases such sports can be called undervalued – bookmakers do not treat them so significantly as more well-known options.

If a person has a small amount of information, then it is hardly worth the risk.

The Role of Random Factors in Predicting Different Sports

Let’s analyze the role of random factors in the most popular sports:


Football matches take place in open areas, so the weather is of no small importance for the outcome of the game. Usually, the effectiveness of players is reduced under adverse weather conditions, as well as in the cold season. You also need to take into account the condition of the field during rain or snow – as a rule, it becomes slippery, and this greatly increases the likelihood of injury to players.


Hockey matches are played indoors, so weather conditions do not matter. When betting on hockey, it is desirable to take into account the rotation of players – due to the long season and busy schedule, it can affect forecasting.


As in all singles sports, the influence of the random factor in tennis is very large. Also, the emotional state and physical form of a player can be affected by the level of motivation, mood, health, injuries, weather, and even the surface of the court.


The weather and the human factor do not matter in basketball.


Which Sport is Easiest for a Beginner to Predict?

This will be the sport that you understand best and for which there is much free information.

Which is Easier to Predict – Team or Individual Sports?

Each of these types has its own nuances. In individual sports, it increasingly depends on the condition of a particular athlete.

Can I Bet on Unpopular Sports?

Such bets can have a number of advantages, such as insufficient attention of the bookmaker to the line and, as a result, more favorable odds.


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