Which type of locks are best for you?

Good door locks ensure that unwanted people cannot just enter your home. In addition, there is more privacy, a good door lock change can keep heat in and prevent drafts. There are many types of door locks which can make the choice difficult. What options are there and what is the best choice for you? This article give you all necessary tips!


In order to choose the right lock, it is important to first look at the type of door that the lock should come in. A lock for an interior door is often a simpler and less heavy lock than a lock for an exterior door. The outside door must be extra well secured with a good anti-burglary lock. With quality locks, the degree of burglar resistance is indicated with an SKG star. The more stars a lock has, the more secure the lock is.

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An interior door lock is a mortise lock that can be placed in the side of an interior door. For an interior door lock it is especially important that the latch of the lock can be operated. Such a lock ensures that the door can be opened or closed. Locks that are often used on interior doors are:

Latch bolt: on the outside, interior doors have a mortise lock that only has a latch bolt and a door handle. This is finished with a rosette or shield. So there is no recess for a key.

Day and dead bolt: the door can be locked with a key. The door handle operates the latch bolt and the key operates the dead bolt.

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Lock for the toilet or bathroom door: these doors often have a closet lock. The door handle again operates the latch bolt and a rotary knob on the inside of the door operates the dead bolt/lock.


There are several locks to choose from for the outside door.

Mortise lock

With a mortise lock, the lock is placed in the side of the door and the matching shield gives space to the cylinder. The day and dead bolts of the mortise lock fall into a sturdy striker plate.

Rim locks

With a rim lock, you also have a choice of two types. You can choose a lock with a fixed cylinder or a lock with a loose cylinder. The cylinder consists of two parts. The first part of the cylinder falls into the door. Only the outer cylinder and a separate door knob are visible on the outside of the door. The second part of the cylinder is screwed to the inside of the door together with the lock case. The closing bowl of the lock comes on the door frame. The inner and outer cylinders interlock and can be rotated by the key. As a result, the deadbolt of the lock falls into the striker bowl. The latch bolt of a rim lock is operated by a ‘trigger’. Due to the spring mechanism behind the trigger, the latch bolt automatically falls into the closing bowl. If You Need More Information Visit: getinstagram

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