Why is there a semicircle on the football field?

Many fans do not quite understand why is there is a semicircle in a penalty area in football – what function does it perform in a field marking? Its presence is regulated by FIFA rules, therefore, during official matches (cups, championships) of the higher and lower leagues, the presence of this markup element is mandatory. There are many myths regarding a semicircle in a penalty area:

  • If a player of an attacking team falls inside the semi-circle, then a referee may award a penalty;
  • A goalkeeper of a defending team has the right to hit the ball with his hands inside the semicircle, but cannot catch it;
  • The arc is used to help attackers, who, following it, realize that the goal is directly in front of them, therefore, despite the goalkeeper, they can hit the ball;
  • This is an old marking that was left from the 19th century as a tribute to tradition, so it is not removed, although it is not clear why there is a semicircle in football.

True explanation

Only the third point has the right to exist – it is really easier for attackers to navigate. The first, second and fourth points are myths that have nothing to do with reality. By the way, if you want to win more with huge bonuses, higher odds, and without risks – visit our betting sites in india rankings page. A fresh review of the most reliable offers for Indian bettors will be helpful for you.

Football player shoots from outside the penalty area

The history of this semicircle appearance begins in 1891, when the English Football Association adopted new rules – for a violation against a player of the attacking team in the immediate vicinity of the goal (closer than 11 meters from it), a free kick must be broken without a defensive wall. This is how the penalty shootout appear in football. In the following years, the rules for assigning and breaking 11-meter free kicks changed slightly – the first penalty area with clear markings appeared for violations within which penalties were awarded.

The final solution for creating a semicircle on a football field

Ball in front of semicircle. In 1923, football rules regarding the creation of markings on the football field were finally adopted. The International Football Association strictly fixed the size of the penalty area, and also added a special arc to the usual rectangle. By the way, if you want to receive more interesting publications and football news in India, we recommend that you follow the link and subscribe to updates.

But what is the semicircle in front of the penalty area for at a football match? It performs one single function. In accordance with the rules of football, during the breaking of a 11-meter free kick, only three people must be inside the penalty area – the kicker, the goalkeeper and the chief referee. The remaining players must position themselves outside the penalty area at a distance of 9.15 meters from the penalty mark. The presence of a semi-circle in football allows ensuring the compliance with this rule and keeping the corresponding distance.