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Cricket is a team sports game that has no fewer fans than football, hockey, and basketball. This is because this discipline is loved in India, a country with a billion people. Today, cricket is gaining popularity among bettors all over the world. Championships and matches of various levels are constantly held, the odds for cricket are always quite high, and the rules of the game are simple and clear. All these advantages of a team sport allow betting fans to earn large amounts of money both in pre-match and live betting. Of course, cricket fans and those who are going to make money on this sport cannot miss such an important event as IPL 2022. The best way to predict the victory of your favorite team is on the Parimatch website. A reliable bookmaker provides favorable conditions for betting, provides wide margins, and offers high odds in pre-match and live betting.

Features of betting on matches of the IPL season

Since this cricket championship is one of the most long-awaited, spectacular, and productive, BC Parimatch offers a wide range of betting options, high quotes, here you can also find the full IPL schedule. Beginners who are just starting to bet on cricket can choose from spectacular matches such as the match between Rajasthan Royals vs Delhi Capitals. Before placing a bet, you should:

  • Spend enough time studying statistics. In different seasons, at different times, and in different fields, opponents can show different results.
  • Pay attention to the form of teams. It is important in what condition the sports teams are approaching the upcoming match, as well as in what form the individual performers are.
  • Learn the field factor. Depending on the surface of the pitch, the acceleration of the ball can be different, which affects the effectiveness of the match.
  • Take into account the results of the draw. Most often, the opponent who attacks first has the advantage throughout the game.
  • Pay attention to weather conditions. This game is very weather dependent. For example, rains reduce playing time, and since matches are played only under natural light, it is important to take into account the time of sunset.

Cricket is the perfect live betting option. Events are developing slowly here, therefore, armed with certain information, the privateer has the opportunity to observe the events on the field for some time, assess the situation, and only after that predict any outcome. Live IPL prediction gives the bettor some edge over the house. It is most profitable to make such bets in Parimatch bookmaker, where there are always the widest lines and the highest quotes for major cricket tournaments. To start betting, just register on the site, make a deposit and select the appropriate event.

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