10 Free Phone Tracker Apps to Track a Cell Phone’s Location

Digitalization has been a boon for society. Take tracking apps as an example; they help you learn about the whereabouts of your kids, your loved ones, and family members. Parents, in general, are always concerned about their kids. Since kids are curious by nature, they like to explore things, which means they can go to places that you don’t know about just to discover what the place has to offer. Unfortunately, kids are naïve, and they don’t understand that being late can worry you or that visiting unknown places might not be safe for them. This is when free phone tracker applications can come in handy.

Phone tracker applications can help you with the real-time location of your kid and let you know where they are. But since there is a gamut of cell phone tracker applications, choosing the right one becomes prudent. This article will talk about the top 10 free phone tracking applications that you can consider using. Here are our hand-picked top 10 live mobile location tracker online apps.

1. FamiSafe 

FamiSafe is an award-winning GPS phone tracker and parental control software. This geo tracker app is developed by none other than Wondershare, a leading software development company. The most significant advantage of using FamiSafe is its user-friendly interface and it is super convenience to use.

Key Features 

  • Receive updates about your child’s real-time location
  • You can set geofence and receive alerts whenever your child crosses it.
  • You can check every visited location via the location history feature.
  • Just install the app and use the control panel at your convenience to check the location.

If you wonder how to track someone’s phone, you will simply have to download FamiSafe, register, and start tracking the target device. Moreover, this location tracking app can also tell you a lot about your kid’s mobile phone usage, set scree time, delete harmful applications, check internet history, and much more.


Another good location tracking application is SPYERA. It shares a map view of the current location and helps you learn about the real-time location of your child. The phone tracking app uses a GPS positioning system to identify the current location of the target device.

Key Features

  • Receive real-time location updates of any smartphone.
  • You will see a map view of the target device’s location.
  • You can set locations as your favorite.

3. Find My Kids

Find My Kids is a reliable phone tracking application and offers many features. For example, it will let you set geofencing alerts and track real-time location. This is a dedicated location tracking application and is available for free download.

Key Features 

  • Learn about your kid’s current location.
  • Receive alerts whenever your child leaves or enters a location.
  • Listen to the surroundings through the device.

4. Google Maps 

Google Maps is a free-to-use GPS tracking device. It allows you to see where your child is and help you reach the location by providing you with direction. Google Maps can be used to track more than one device at the same time.

Key Features

  • 100% free location tracking app.
  • Share location feature allows you to track people.
  • Real-time location update is always accurate.

5. Geo-Tracker

To track someone’s phone’s location, you can also try Geo-Tracker. This location tracking application is available for Android users for free. So, if you want to know how to put a tracker on the phone, just download the app and enable the location option so that the device can be tracked.

Key Features

  • Mark locations as important.
  • Share your trips with people you know to be safe.
  • Easily monitor the vehicle’s speed when the target device is traveling.

6. SpyHuman

As the name suggests, SpyHuman is a phone monitoring application that will let you check the target device’s location quickly. It can also be used to view website history, documents, photos, and more. SpyHuman can be downloaded for free, and it is easy to use.

Key Features

  • It tracks location without any hassle.
  • Live sound recording.
  • No rooting required.

7. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is essentially a parental control app that offers a multitude of features. However, its GPS tracking feature is quite helpful. Other feature includes message tracking, call tracking, social media tracking, etc.

Key Features

  • You remain completely invisible.
  • View location of the target device on the go.
  • Control panel lets you access all phone location history.

8. Glympse

Glympse lets you do live mobile location tracking online conveniently. This location tracking application is available for both iOS and Android devices and is easy to use. The online dashboard will let you get hold of the current location of your child conveniently.

Key Features

  • Let’s you track your kids’ location easily.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • Locations are accurate.

9. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a dedicated location tracking application by Apple Inc for Apple customers. This app is free to download and lets you track a live location instantly. It’s an excellent GPS location tracker. 

Key Features 

  • It shares accurate location updates.
  • It is free for iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone.
  • People can share their location permanently or temporarily.

10. Family Locator

For the last location tracking app, we have Family Locator, available for both iOS and Android users. This easy-to-use location tracker application allows every parent to stay in touch with their kids. If you go for the upgraded Family Locator subscription, you will be able to see the complete location history.

Key Features 

  • It shares real-time location.
  • You can create unsafe and safe zones and send SOS.
  • Get complete location history details.

Wrapping Up 

To sum up, these are the top ten free cell phone tracker online applications. Out of them, all the one that truly stands out is FamiSafe. The reason? It is free, easy to use, provides you with real-time location updates, lets you set geofence, and also offers tons of other parental control features, which will help you keep an eye on your child’s online activities. FamiSafe keeps your child safe and lets you have peace of mind.

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