10 Tips on Choosing the Best Gel Blaster

Gel blasters, or paintball guns as they are also known, have been a staple of the war game for many years. In the early days when technology was in its infancy, these gun were considerably small and unreliable with limited range and accuracy. As time has passed however, this technology has been improved upon however the advancement in gel blaster technology has not improved at the same rate as their real life counterparts.

Gel blasters guns have been a key part of many battles over the years with these quick skirmishes being one of the most popular activities for those who play war games. Gel blaster technology is still relatively new however it is worthwhile to take some time out to research the best possible blaster that you can get your hands on. Gel blaster sniper rifles and shotguns have become a key part of most war games and it is important to get the best blaster that you can in order to be competitive.

Gel blasters come in many different shapes and sizes and finding the right one for your style of play will often mean having to purchase more than one blaster. Having an armory of gel blasters will give your team the edge in most war game scenarios and they are very versatile.

Choosing the right gel blaster is therefore an important choice to make, but you should also be sure that it is legal to use them where you plan on playing. If they are outlawed, or if their use may result in a fine of some sort, you may wish to find an alternative weapon.

The following list should help you make the right choice when deciding what gel blaster is best for you, whether that is for your war game play:

  1. Always buy from reputable stores to ensure that the product you are purchasing will be up to the required safety standard and legal where you intend to use it.
  2. Make sure that you know where you intend to play before purchasing a gel blaster as some areas will not allow them and having the wrong blaster could result in a hefty fine or even prosecution.
  3. Always make sure that you have all of the safety equipment required for using your chosen gel blaster. This should be included with most blasters but it is always best to double check.
  4. Make sure that you have a solid holster for your blaster, especially if you are playing with one of the larger gel blasters where they are harder to conceal. Again, look around the internet for reviews on holsters before purchasing one that will fit your chosen blaster
  5. The more gel blasters you own, the more you will find yourself using each one on different occasions. Having a range of blasters in your armory allows you to use the right blaster for the right battle and this is where having multiple blasters can be beneficial.
  6. It can be tempting to purchase cheap imitations of real firearms but these are often substandard products that could cause injury if they malfunction. If you know where to look, you can find good deals on reliable gel blaster models but it is always worth spending a little extra for your own safety. Not all blasters are created equally. Some feature better accuracy than others and some have greater range than others. The power will affect how far away the target can be while accuracy will be how close to it you can get.
  7. Always practice with your blaster before playing in a war game or heading out to an event where they are being used. This should allow you to get the feel of them and learn what works for you while giving yourself some time to practice aiming and firing. The best way to determine the accuracy of your blaster is usually to test them out while practicing or at a location that allows long distance shots without causing problems for others.
  8. Most people find that gel blasters are actually less expensive than their real firearms counterparts. While you may find deals on some of the higher quality blasters, it is still cheaper to purchase gel blasters in general.
  9. You should always be sure that you are able to handle your chosen gel blaster safely before purchasing it or taking it out for a game. Having the right holster will help protect both you and others around you while offering easy access to your blaster when needed.
  10. Gel blasters are highly versatile, working well in many different war games as well as being used for sport or competitions. The best weight to choose will depend on the age and size of the user but it is always a good idea to have a range of blasters available in your armory.

In conclusion, gel blasters are a good choice for almost any war game or event. They cost less than their real firearm counterparts, are safe to purchase and use, readily available online and in many stores, and reliable!

Author’s Bio: Lisa Eclesworth is a notable and influential lifestyle writer. She is a mom of two and a successful homemaker. She loves to cook and create beautiful projects with her family. She writes informative and fun articles that her readers love and enjoy. You can directly connect with her on email – [email protected] or visit her website www.lisaeclesworth.com

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