15 Rejuvenating Ways to Spend Your Lunch Break


15 Rejuvenating Ways to Spend Your Lunch Break

Breaks are essential in our day-to-day life. Short breaks, even 30 minutes long, can help you work more effectively and keep up the momentum going. They are good for your health and well-being, especially if you are handing in a challenging project or studying for an exam. So, why not spend your lunch break rejuvenating! 

Yes, you can do a couple of things to relax truly and for a swift return to work. In this guide, we list 15 things you can do over your lunch break to help you rest and reset to make sure you return to work in the best possible frame of mind for an afternoon.

Take a Walk

After eating, take a walk to help you re-energize and revive your cardiovascular system. It becomes so sluggish sitting at a desk for hours.  The majority of us are productive when we are most sedentary, for instance, when we sit for long periods before a computer uninterrupted. You may as well use your lunch break to walk, stand up, stretch or run. You can further incorporate mindfulness into your walk by allowing yourself to become fully aware of your surroundings.

Listen to a Podcast

There’s always something for everyone, from comedy to self-help podcasts. The use of tablets, phones, and mp3 players makes this so easy. You can also try out the music streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and Deezer, giving you a chance to listen to new music. Create your playlist or listen to other people’s playlists for inspiration and new ideas. No doubt that a playlist of banging tunes will get you ready for the better part of the afternoon.

Take a Nap

After working in the morning for several hours straight, it would help nap for 15 to 3o minutes. Usually, a person’s productivity decreases as the day progresses. Sleeping in the middle of the day for a couple of minutes in the middle of your day can help fight fatigue, making you more alert as you carry on with the rest of your day. Such quality breaks will leave your mind rejuvenated and will boost your creativity as well.


Doing some exercise is the perfect antidote to feeling tired from a long stretch of studying or working. Exercising carries a lot of benefits for your overall health. A short blast of exercise will leave you more energized.  A quick jog, yoga, a brisk walk, or a 20-minute session will do the magic. By getting your body moving, you get your endorphins pumping, making it easier to focus once you get back to work.


Taking some time out to clear your mind completely is a great way to destress and reset your head, as studying and working can be tough on the brain. Therefore, meditating is helpful, particularly if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. A short guided meditation of just 10 minutes is enough to clear some space in your head to help you maintain focus. Applications such as Calm and Headspace are good options for guided meditations.

Read a Book

Lunchtime is the perfect time to read a chapter or two, be it educational purposes or fun.  Reading offers a real escape from your work and still keeps you stimulated. Additionally, reading is one of the proven ways to develop and grow your mind. Grab a book and take 30 minutes or so out of your lunch break. Remember to find an excellent spot for you to read from after your meal.

Play Games

Playing together with your coworkers for a round of fun helps you connect better and makes lunch exciting for everyone. So, tag along with your coworkers and introduce them to a new way of experiencing exciting and fun lunch each day. There are also a couple of different online games to pick from for gaming lovers. You can try quite a number of them without spending a penny. So, why don’t you go ahead and enjoy your gaming experience?

Catch up With Friends

Catching up with old friends is a great way to spend your lunch, especially if they are close by where you can easily link up for lunch. Friendships are linked to physical and mental health as people with strong social support groups are happier and tend to suffer less from depression. A meet-up, a chat, and a little giggle will go a long way in brightening your day.

Get Crafty

Indulge in your favorite hobby and concentrate on that activity which gives you a break from other worries. Seek out new ideas by brainstorming your mind. DIY projects are a great way to get creative. You can also try a  project for personal gain or your home.  Give a shot at projects such as non-wax candle making. Further, you may write down work-related ideas that come to you at this time.

Run Personal Errands

Lunch break provides an excellent opportunity to run personal errands. Shop goods for your household, pick up clothes from the dry cleaner, or even try to mail a package. In addition, running errands in the middle of your day will give you more free time to rest after work.

Pamper Yourself

You can never go wrong with a pleasant hour of midday salon time. A quick manicure, waxing, or facial is all you need to help you feel better. You can also get your makeup done or do a half-hour massage to help you relax as you intend to carry on with the rest of the day. It is worth your time if any of the listed things will get you pumped up and productive with the remaining hours in the day.

Create a To-Do List

A to-do list is vital as it helps us avoid procrastinating our daily chores. Why don’t you go ahead and use your lunch break to write down all the tasks you have been keeping away. You can also create a bucket list, a shopping list, a performance sheet, etc. For a productive afternoon, think about what you can accomplish and what needs to be done. 

Learn a Foreign Language

While you may think learning an entire language course during lunch is impossible, you can go ahead and sign up online for a language of your choice because this is pretty much achievable. Start small by reading a beginner’s language tutorial book or by listening to audio podcasts.  You can also try interactive learning apps such as Duolingo, LinguaLift, Hello Talk, etc.

Change Scenery

Find a spot of natural beauty and shift since a change in scenery focuses your brain on a different environment. The smells, sounds, and visuals of nature are instant fixes to get you feeling at peace and relaxed during a busy day.  Take a stroll to that garden, park, or wherever there are trees. According to research, a simple walk through a park depletes the built-up mental fatigue of employees.

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After you’ve had your quick meal, your lunch break can be put to better use. Sign up for 30 minutes of volunteer service in a nearby community center in the vicinity. It could be teaching basic language skills to the homeless or distributing food to them. Again, it’s the small things that matter.

Wrap Up

Why go ahead to sit behind your computer, yet it’s lunchtime? To be more productive at work and improve your well-being, use your lunch break wisely and eat the right foods. But, more importantly, step away from your computer and work. Give yourself that much-needed break!

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