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Summer Olympics in Tokyo were held in a serious struggle between two national teams for the final victory in the overall standings. As usual, the two teams were China and the United States. Before the start of the games, the Americans were considered to be the clear favorites to win, many experts gave them the victory by 95%. 1xBet Nepal also offers a diverse coverage on major competitions, even if the number of national sportsmen taking part in them is minimal.

Despite the fact that the USA was seriously ahead of all the opponents in terms of the level of sportsmen, from the first days it was the Chinese team that took the first place in the standings and did not give an opportunity to come close to themselves. The Chinese offset the lack of quality teams in competitive sports with unrealistic performances in table tennis, shooting, or ski jumping. Even though the country was far behind the United States in the total number of medals, it was the gold medals that they had more.

However, the Olympics lasted until the last day and it was just before they closed that America was able to get that coveted victory. 1xBet for Nepal offered many outcomes on the decisive games of the basketball teams. In addition, daily forecasters can bet on more than 40 sports.

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The minimal distance from China before the last day of the Olympics immediately made the USA the favorites to win the games. This is due to the fact that representatives of this team played in 4 gold finals, in which they were the favorites. As a result, they won three gold medals and the expected victory. 1xBet app Nepal gave odds of 1.03 to the triumph of the United States, which suggests that the final outcome was logical.

As a result, the above teams showed the following scores:

  1. USA – 39 gold, 41 silver and 33 bronze medals. Traditionally many victories were won in swimming, where the states have no equals.
  2. China – 38 gold, 32 silver and 18 bronze medals. In the second week of the tournament, the team lost a little, which influenced the final result.

Judging only by the number of medals we can say that all the results are quite logical. On the other hand, many experts point out that a large number of final heats in swimming almost minimizes the teams’ chances to put up a fight against the USA. To bet on the next Olympics, you can download the 1xBet application Nepal from the official website. Keep in mind that the Nepalese team did not win any medals at these games.

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