3 methods on how to save Stories from Instagram and also other people’s songs

Of all the existing Instagram features, Instagram Stories is probably the most practical tool for companies and influencers to increase their brand awareness and recognition. Instagram stories are so popular for a specific reason, with it you can create ephemeral content that conveys a sense of urgency, so people may be afraid of losing.

To avoid this, and make sure you never lose an Instagram story, here are a few methods that you can use in order to save your Instagram stories.

If you want to archive your creative work or share someone’s stories on Instagram, you need to save them before they disappear. In this article, you’ll learn 3 useful methods to save your stories and how to easily save someone’s Instagram stories. Keep reading.

Method 1: Archive Stories in your Instagram app

The simplest way to save Instagram Stories is to archive them directly to Instagram. All you have to do is change your Instagram Stories settings and all posted Instagram Stories will be automatically archived.

If you prefer to download Instagram stories using an online method the best tool we’ve found for the job is the Story Downloader by Storydownloader.app. It offers a large variety of functions and it works on any device. It only takes a working internet connection and the Instagram user whose tales you want to download to complete the process. Using the username you provide in the text field on the homepage, you’ll be able to see and download the user’s Instagram stories without having to reveal your identity. The best part is that Story Downloader is completely free to use and does not require registration.

Method 2: Manually Download Stories from Instagram

Alternatively, you can download Instagram Stories to your mobile phone before it disappears. Note that you can save all your videos on iPhone at once, but you will have to download one by one with Android.

Method 3: Save your Featured Stories to your profile

You can also save your Instagram Stories to Instagram ‘Highlights’ so it will be permanently visible on your profile to all visitors.

See how to save Instagram Stories in ‘Highlights’ in easy steps:

Step 1. Tap “Your Stories” in Feed to access your current Stories on Instagram.

Step 2. Tap “Highlight” to add your Instagram Stories to highlights.

[Bonus] How To Make Your Stories Stand Out

With the above 3 useful methods, you can successfully save Instagram Stories from your account or other people’s accounts. If you’re a brand or an influencer, you can download your competitors’ Instagram Stories for market research or to get more creative ideas.

So you can improve your Instagram strategy and keep your audience engaged in your content.

While Instagram Stories remain a significant part of your content strategy, what else can you do to set your Instagram apart from the crowd? The answer is: Working on your followers!

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How to save Instagram Stories? It’s as simple as it sounds. For companies and influencers, if you want to save your creative work or gain inspiration, just try the above 5 methods and you can successfully save your Stories from Instagram and other people’s accounts as well. At the same time, don’t forget to increase your audience so that you can get more people involved with your amazing content. Want to hack 10,000 Instagram followers in 2 minutes? Try the Followers Gallery and you will witness your Instagram growing quickly!

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