4 examples of conversational automation for a small business


Conversational automation is one of the most powerful tools a small business can use to increase efficiency, reduce customer service costs, and deliver an enhanced customer experience. But what exactly is conversational automation? Simply put, it’s using automated scripts and messages to interact with customers. These scripts are programmed to respond to common customer inquiries, freeing up valuable time for your staff so they can focus on more important tasks. Let’s take a look at 4 examples of conversational automation that can benefit your small business. 

Four examples of conversational automation for small businesses

1. Live Chatbots

Live chatbots are automated conversation systems designed to simulate a real-time conversation with a human customer service representative. They provide customers with quick answers to common questions while providing your business with valuable data that can be used to better understand and serve their needs. In case you need to understand the customers in a deeper level, you could make use of a survey maker for data collection through surveys.

2. Automated Email Responses

Automated email responses allow businesses to automatically send out pre-written emails in response to customer inquiries or complaints. This saves time for your staff since they won’t have to manually reply to each individual email. It also provides customers with quick answers so they can get back on track quickly and easily. This is an important aspect to integrate in your digital marketing strategies.

Not only do automated email responses allow small business owners minimal investment in order to increase customer satisfaction, they also cut down the time it takes to respond meaningfully and interactively with potential customers. When used well, automatic emails can help small businesses build long-lasting customer relationships enabling more customer loyalty and growth opportunities.

3. SMS Bots

SMS bots are automated text messaging systems designed specifically for mobile users. These bots provide customers with instant answers on their phones, allowing them to get the information they need without waiting for an email response or making a phone call. This is an especially useful tool if you cater to busy professionals who don’t have time for lengthy conversations or detailed emails but still need their questions answered quickly and efficiently. 

4 Voice Assistants

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri are becoming increasingly popular among consumers living the day’s innovations. They make it easier than ever before to find information quickly and conveniently via voice commands rather than typing out queries on a computer or smartphone keyboard. For businesses, this means that you can get your name out there by creating voice assistant apps designed specifically for your brand or products that will help customers find the information they need quickly and easily without having to search through numerous webpages or wait for an email response from your team. 


Conversational automation offers many benefits for small businesses looking to optimize their customer service operations while providing customers with quicker access to the information they need when they need it most. From live chatbots and automated email responses, to SMS bots and voice assistants, there are plenty of options available when it comes to implementing conversational automation into your business operations — all you have to do is choose the right one! With conversational automation at your disposal, you can rest assured knowing that you have a reliable system in place that will help both you and your customers get what you need in less time than ever before!

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