5 best ways to learn NCERT Class 9 math effectively

Generally, learning math is not considered to be fun-filled for the majority of the students. It is for this reason; many students tend to fail and inferior marks in this subject. What makes this subject tough is the complex problems and having to remember lots of formulas and also know where to place them correctly. Without understanding the basic concepts, students cannot qualify in the subject in class 9 or 10 considered to have an advanced version of the subject. Hence, it is from an early age that your child should develop the concepts so that as they grow up to reach the board level, they can find it much easier to attempt. This is here that ncert solutions class 9 maths can prove to be more than helpful.

Technology & math

The advent of modern technology and incorporating it in teaching math has made it quite exciting. Teachers from reputed institutions like Cue Math have tried to use technology in math to make it interactive and interesting. Teaching is more like play and learns the concepts within easy, technological advancements. Gone are the days when chalk and board concept was used that were quite boring and sceptical.

Making learning easy and effective

Most students find learning math to be a difficult proposition just because they do not like or love the subject. Hence, learning the different chapters can be quite time-consuming and boring. But using technology, operating with numbers is sure to be entertaining and fun-filled. The qualified teachers of today tend to take a unique approach to solve complex math problems. Math is applied to everyday uses to help students learn the chapters with great ease. The teachers do use puzzles that can be played to learn the numerals and complex sums, organize competitions among students as well as use materials and activities to develop a special liking for the subject. In short, experienced teachers can successfully create a highly motivate and creative environment to allow practical learning. Young people can now learn the subject in a dynamic and fun way as opposed to traditional forms of teaching that were quite boring and tough. At the same time, they can also develop essential competencies and skills considered to be part of their academic objectives.

Applying math in real-life situations

The well-trained teachers try to incorporate applied math in daily activities, thereby enabling even average students to understand the concepts well. It is something crucial, especially for those students who find it tough to assimilate as well as understand the concepts. They are encouraged to practice sums from different chapters on a regular basis. There are also some situations in everyday life where numerical problems and calculations are put to good use. Students should try to take full advantage of such opportunities as it will only inculcate further learning abilities in them.

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Shopping-based examples

Children should be encouraged to search for a product being offered at the lowest price at the shopping portals. This will help them to get a better understanding of the prices of the products as well as the know-how to do calculations in real life to save money during the shopping process. They can also be taught to calculate discounts on marked prices, thereby increasing their math solving abilities.

Kitchen-based examples

As you prepare a recipe, you can ask your child to weigh or measure the ingredients to be used in it. You may encourage your child to make use of measurement conversion, cut food items into pieces, etc. Such acts teach them numbers and measurement.

Money-based examples

This is indeed one of the best examples that children should learn at a very early age. Teaching them to use money the right way allows them to learn all about calculations and the value of the currency. They also learn to subtract, divide, multiply and add in the process, thereby enhancing their mathematical knowledge.

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