5 Foot Pain Remedies for the Elderly


As we age, it is important to never stop moving. That’s what is going to make staying active at an older age all the easier. It could only take one health issue or simple slip to make it feel like you might never be yourself again but if you are just experiencing simple pain, don’t feel like everything you know as normal needs to stop enewsworlds

When it comes to just having sore feet, a day off of them might be all you need. If your discomfort is persistent after a few days, or something consistent you’ve been carrying around, here’s some great ways to make you feel like no walk would be too far out of reach. 

A New Pair Of Shoes

It’s easy to feel like money is always going to be better spent elsewhere or that you can always get a little more time out of those shoes you’ve had for years. Either of those lines of thinking can be the very root of your issue in the first place. When it comes time to buy, and maybe make the buying itself a more routine habit, don’t skimp out businessnows

Getting the right pair is of the utmost importance and remember shoes are never one size fits all. Talk to a specialist and get perfect shoes for your exact needs. 

Start Stretching

It sounds obvious to say, but everything in our bodies is extremely connected. The cause of your foot pains can actually be related to poor posture putting extra pressure on the feet themselves. Try introducing simple stretches, with a focus on the calves and feet, as part of your morning routine as a way for your whole body, and especially the feet themselves, to feel a little more limber.

Get Out The Ice

Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. When you’ve had a particularly active day, or a couple of days, try getting some ice right out of the freezer. This doesn’t need to be anything special; all you’ll need besides the ice is a bag and a washcloth to prevent direct contact with the ice itself. 

Apply the ice in shifts. How long exactly will be up to what you can tolerate but shoot for at least 15 minutes each time homelockssmith


Check with your doctor before taking anything at all but as long as you’ve clear that, any brand of over the counter ibuprofen can help with both pain and swelling. Any type of senior rehabilitation for pain is to be taken seriously so do ensure that taking anything at all is OK with the doctor you see regularly businessworld247.

Put Them Up

If there’s still a little time in the day as the aches really start coming, try to spend as much time as possible with them up as you are winding down. Use whatever is near – the arm of the couch, a footstool or even another chair. For those of us prone to swelling and minor pains, spending time with the feet raised could help reduce any persistent aches.

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