5 Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Performing a successful marketing strategy for your business is a critical component for constant growth. Yet, about 32% of B2B businesses have fair and poor content creation workflow. Nowadays, marketing is related to everything from SEO to social media to PPC. Unfortunately, one cannot look into all aspects. Fortunately, various online marketing tools in the market can be used to help develop an effective solution. 

If you are a startup or small business, then it is required for you to have the best digital marketing tools 2021 that can help you manage the broad scope of your marketing demands. There is an extended online marketing tools list. However, you need to pick among the best marketing tools for startups carefully. So here, we have listed the top 5 online marketing tools that would help you attract, engage, and delight new and existing customers. 

5 Best Marketing Tools for Startups

Pricing: Free to $3,200

Hubspot is a full-stack growth software that comprises sales, marketing, and various customer service tools. It helps to improve all the facets of your business. For example, if you choose sport as one of your online marketing tools, you would have everything you require to grow your business. It will also help you to multiply your conversion rate. 

Various HubSpot products in the market are available for you. For example, you can send kickback emails, set up lead capture forms, and get access to basic analytics reports for no cost. Further, you can also track emails, schedules, sales meetings, and live chat with your clients. With these marketing tools, you can set a help desk and ticketing system on a free plan. Further, you can channel everything into the free CRM and get a complete view of your clients. 

Things get a bit complex when there are basic advanced and enterprise levels. For example, you may integrate and use them with HubSpot if you work with online marketing tools. 

Social Champ

Pricing: Free to $199

Social Champ is a social media management tool with an extensive range of plans to suit all. The tool has solutions for entrepreneurs, startups, influencers, agencies, SMBs, and marketers. Other than these, Social Champ is also highly useful for all first-time entrepreneurs or even beginners in the field of social media. 

Social Champ supports almost all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, and Twitter. Therefore, it provides custom features to make marketing successful for all platforms. From a custom content curator, you can tweak the same content for all social media channels without having to come up with a new one at all times. 

The tool also generates analytical reports with charts and graphs based on platform-specific metrics. The reports can be customized with white-labeling options to add logos and names. 

Social Champ also has a feature-rich social media calendar, which allows you to create, edit, and reschedule posts with drag and drop functionality. It also helps you view all scheduled and published posts in one place, either together or for all platforms separately.

Pricing: Free to $42+ per month

Survey Anyplace is a well-known online marketing tool. It streamlines the survey creation experience by enabling users to develop their surveys and tailor them for their brand’s unique needs. Unlike the classic survey creator, Survey anyplace has streamlined for mobile and provides an optimized survey experience. This makes it quick and simple, even with heavy visuals emphasis if required. Furthermore, the accurate data gathered from users, the better your insights would be. Therefore, they were mainly opting for Survey as your online marketing tools can take you one step closer to boost your conversion. 

Pricing: Free to $42 per month 

Trello is digital marketing tools 2021 known for content brainstorming and calendar service. It allows you to develop and share ideas across several teams and individuals jointly. These best marketing tools for startups work more as a content planner than as a content scheduler. With this, you can build notecards for article topics, marketing campaigns, and other subjects your digital marketing service provider focuses on. On every card, users can record instructions, take down notes, update project status and assign cards to specific people. In short, Trello is more like a comprehensive online marketing tool for content strategists that is looking forward to planning out their editorial calendar. 

Google Analytics is a free best marketing tool for startups that allows you to track and analyze customer data. It is one of the universal analytics tools on the web, and for an excellent reason. It is effortless to use marketing tools that are powerful and highly customizable. If you want to get started, then it only needs a simple JavaScript snippet. What you can do with the tool is entirely limited by your imagination. Most digital marketing services have a basic understanding of Google Analytics traffic reports. 

Pricing: Free to $199 per month 

Buffer is one of the most favorite online marketing tools of most digital marketing service providers as it is straightforward to use. It works effortlessly for large companies, but it is also great for startups that have just started automating and optimizing their social strategy. These marketing tools provide various products that will help you include their social media share widgets for websites and their social post scheduler. 


Here we have mentioned the best online marketing tools for startups. From lead capture to SEO research to analytics, these marketing tools are quite capable of helping you to develop a fully integrated and successful long-term marketing strategy. If you are in search of tools that are simple but have an effective stack, then the above-listed best marketing tools for startups can help.

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