5 strategies to improve the brand reach on Instagram

Instagram has been a trending social media platform worldwide where the popularity of a person or a page depends on the number of followers that create traffic on the website associated with the brands. The brand owners should be aware of the tips and strategies that could help them to build organic engagement and not the fake ones.

 Gaining more and more instagram followers has been a trend in which everyone wants to participate in personal and business accounts. Instagram algorithms change with time; hence the strategies that would help build the brand should also improvise. With many new features that appear on this platform at every twist, the businesses have to be consistent enough to face future challenges.

Everyone loves getting followers as the personal account users wish to be popular while the business page owners want to enhance their business and sales. Start-ups need to follow a different strategy than that of already established ones. You must have seen a lot of sponsored advertisements while scrolling your feed. It is one of the useful marketing strategies that business people adopt to fulfill their aim of creating a brand page. If you own a brand page on Instagram, you must follow some crucial tips to quickly instagram followers.  

How to increase the organic traffic on a brand page?

The growth of an Instagram brand page depends on the content and the traffic created by people. It works in one after another manner, which means the page needs to have a good number of followers to attract more followers, and the quality of content on the page supports it because why would someone follow a page with content of low quality.

Be active

The brand owners need to understand that being active is the key tip to enhance organic followers. The account has to be active the whole day and post the updated content. You cannot expect to gain a lot of followers with a single post only. The Instagram algorithm needs your consistent efforts, which means you have to find a way to make the posts viral to reach the maximum users. 

If your consistent efforts are not providing the desired results, there is a need to revise your marketing strategies. Have a look at the quality of posted content, the posting rate, that is, how frequently you are posting it. You should know that there is a specific posting time when most users are active so that your content does not get lost in a thousand other posts.

The content you post on your business page should have a consistent quality; that is, the quality quotient should be the same. An increase in organic traffic requires patience and continuous effort; it demands a commitment to the page and preference over other things.

Host contents and events

Instagram favors the brand pages that host promotional events and contests as it reflects the efforts you put into it. Even the users love to avail free discounts and giveaways you provide to attract customers for brand building. You might have seen several pages hosting events where they offer giveaways to the people who fulfill the participation requirements. You have to do something similar for the brand.

 Some business accounts apply tagging conditions as the participant has to tag their friends to be a part of the contest. It improves the engagement on the business website. But before hosting any such event, do proper research on the choices of the users. There should not be a mismatch in the consumer’s interests and the contents that the page is hosting because it can be a wrong marketing strategy as the page will not get real instagram followers

Keep a note of what the users like to see and buy on a social media platform. The surveys suggest that people want to buy from the accounts that offer discounts on their products. If you provide such offers to the people, they will remain connected to you for a long time.


While you try to maintain the current consumers, you should also promote the brand to build it strong. Promote your brand on other social media platforms, too, and provide a connecting link on every profile. Adding the instagram page to other existing accounts can help in increasing the instagram followers.  

You can advertise your Instagram account on profiles of other platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and many others. Take the help from your friends as your well-wishers will promote it for free. If you do not talk about your products on other platforms, you will limit the account growth.

The promotions on social media are not the only way to do it; you can also use other digital means by providing your social media handle to reach more and more people.


Hashtags are very supportive as millions of people use hashtags to search their suitable content. It is another amazing attribute that Instagram provides to get more instagram followers. Use the hashtags relevant to posted content as if you own a skin and hair care brand; use different hashtags that relate to it as skincare, haircare, hairmask, skinfacial, and many others.

But avoid ones as likeforlike and other such irrelevant hashtags that do not relate to your brand and the posts. Using such tags can even degrade the account. Hashtags are added to make the post reach to maximum people, so consider using it in a way that can enhance the discovery of your profile.

Improve the stories

When discovering your account, an Instagram user, the first thing they look for is the if story. Whatever you post in your story should be creative and attractive enough to make the person follow you. Try to use the latest features, stickers, and tags. Add funny stories but remember every one of them should be real and not look like a very edited picture. You can edit to make it looks better but do not overdo it.

Instagram is a trending social media platform that serves users’ different purposes as some want to be popularly known. In contrast, others may want to enhance their online business. Whatever the target is, use the strategies that suit your purpose.

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