6 Vital Etiquette Rules to Follow When Viewing Apartments for Sale

Knowing the right steps and techniques when viewing apartments for sale allows you to choose the best one to invest in.

When you know which features to check and how to test the different fixtures, you’ll be sure you can buy a home that suits your needs, exceeds your expectations, and is worth your investment.

Moreover, you’ll avoid purchasing a home that you may lose money on because it needs too many repairs. You can also reduce the likelihood of going through the tedious process of selling it prematurely because the apartment has suddenly lost its appeal to you.

However, knowing the right features to focus on when looking at apartments for sale in Dubai is only the tip of the iceberg.

You can have smoother, efficient, and successful apartment viewing experiences in Dubai if you follow important etiquette rules.

Apartment Viewing Etiquette Rules to Follow

Below are six vital etiquette rules to follow when viewing apartments for sale in Dubai:

1.     Request for an apartment viewing schedule in advance.

The first etiquette rule to keep in mind when viewing apartments is to always set an appointment with the real estate agent or owner before heading to the property.

Avoid dropping by the flat any time you want since the real estate agent or owner won’t be staying there all day. If you go to the apartment without informing them, you’ll likely end up wasting time since there’ll be no one there to let you in.

Scheduling an appointment for viewing an apartment gives the person in charge time to prepare for your arrival. If the realtor or owner has other work to do, you’re giving them the chance to work out a time that works for both of you.

To avoid wasting your time and causing inconvenience to the apartment real estate agent or owner, schedule an appointment a day or two before your planned visit, or earlier. Choose a time that’s convenient for you and the person you are making arrangements with.

2.     Prepare a checklist.

If you want to have a successful apartment viewing, prepare well before your appointment.

Start by creating a list of questions you have about the flat. This should include the price, average monthly utility bills, availability of parking space, and if pets are allowed, if you have or plan to get one.

Also, create a checklist of everything you need to inspect inside and outside the apartment. These include various fixtures and fittings, such as light switches, taps, showerheads, doorknobs, windows, etc. Make sure you also include the cupboards, wardrobes, closets, and other storage units in your list .

Most real estate agents and property owners will allow you to check and test fixtures and fittings. However, you’ll score points if you ask them if you can do these beforehand.

You can also ask the agent or owner to open or check these features themselves to avoid encountering any difficulties or embarrassment.

3.     Be conscious of time.

On the day of your apartment viewing schedule, make sure you show up on time.

Keep in mind that property agents and owners would often have packed viewing schedules, especially during weekends and evenings. This is also true if the apartment is popular. Just make sure to avoid keeping them waiting.

Always be mindful of the time. Whether you have another apartment viewing after or the agent or owner has other people coming, don’t plan on staying too long in the flat.

No matter how much you love the apartment, you need to buy it first before you can enjoy spending unlimited time here. As such, view the apartment for 15 to 20 minutes only.

After you’re satisfied with the tour and asked all your questions, thank the agent or owner, and leave promptly.

4.     Bring your spouse or family.

Your chances of buying the ideal property will increase if you bring your spouse or a family member with you whenever you view a flat. There’ll be another person who can weigh in on the shortlisted apartments, allowing you to make a decision that everyone will be happy with.

This will help minimise conflicts that can arise when you don’t include your family in your decision making.

If you are bringing your children or a large group during your viewing schedule, inform the agent or owner beforehand. It’s not a huge issue if you show up with unexpected guests, but it would be more polite if you don’t.

5.     Avoid touching and scrutinising too many items.

Although you can touch and check anything and everything that you can see in apartments for sale, you have to know when to stop yourself from doing so.

This means that there’s nothing wrong with touching the throw pillows on the couch or flowers in the vase. However, reading the owner’s unattended organiser on the table is unnecessary and unacceptable.

If you want to be respectful and give the right impression, avoid touching and looking at things that are personal in nature. This apartment viewing etiquette rule applies whether the agent or owner is around or not.

Resisting the urge to be too thorough also ensures you stick to the 15-to-20-minute viewing time and go over the more important features of the apartment.

Additionally, avoid fixating on decor and furniture you don’t like now since you can always replace those with ones you’ll get from your favourite home furnishing store.

6.     Send a message to the real estate agent or owner.

After viewing the apartment, send the realtor or owner a ‘thank you’ message. Let them know that you appreciate the time they spent showing you the flat, either by email or SMS.

If you really like the apartment, inform the agent or owner right away.

If you are unsure about the flat, but it is on the top of your list, show consistent interest so that the agent or owner does not forget about you.

Whether you buy the apartment or not, inform the realtor or owner of your decision as soon as possible. This will help you maintain a good relationship with them even if you don’t end up purchasing the flat.

If you want to go through the process of buying an apartment efficiently and make a great impression, follow these etiquette rules.

Keep in mind that when you’re prepared, determined, and respectful, you will soon find the perfect apartment in Dubai that you can call your own.

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