7 Things To Know About Online Casino Playing In Sweden

Were you planning to play some of your favorite games in an online casino in Sweden? Well, that might not be as easy as you expected. Sure, gambling is permitted, although the industry is quite regulated, you’ll have to know a few things in order to play at the right places and enjoy those favorite games of yours. The good news is that, even though the industry is regulated today, it is much more lenient than it was in the past, meaning that people can legally enjoy online casinos, and this is how.

Even so, there are things you should learn about online casino playing in Sweden, some of which are just interesting to know, others of which are necessary, as they will lead you towards playing your favorite games without worrying about certain restrictions. Wondering what restrictions I’m mentioning? We’ll get to that, no worries. Online gambling in Sweden is certainly interesting, and below you’ll find out why.

The Industry Was Monopolized For A Long Time

Did you know that the gambling industry was monopolized in Sweden for a long time? Svenska Spel was the only company that was allowed to offer online gambling services to people in Wayang88. That was a sweet deal for Svenska Spel, wasn’t it? Fortunately, some gambling reforms have been added, which led to other private entities being able to enter the industry. The government most likely did this because they saw an opportunity to increase tax revenues, but the decision was also in favor of all gambling enthusiasts because they now have more options to choose from and play at.

The Government Needs To License The Casinos

Even though other private entities can enter this industry now and Svenska Spel isn’t holding a monopoly over it, things are not as easy for them as you might have assumed. The industry is still heavily regulated by the government and the authorities in charge of controlling the world of online gambling, which can only mean one thing. Companies that want to offer these services to Swedes have to undergo certain reviews in order to either be approved or rejected for this possibility.

Basically, the Swedish Gambling Authority has the final say on whether certain private operators will be approved or rejected. Of course, a lot of people are finding ways to play at those casinos that aren’t licensed by the Swedish Gambling Authority, i.e. at utländska casino, foreign ones, but that’s a topic that we’ll get to later. So, even though private operators have the option of entering this industry now, their participation is still determined by the government, and if they’re not approved, they won’t be licensed, meaning that they won’t be able to offer their services to Swedish people.

And Even When It Does, They’re Still Under Restrictions

So, they get licensed and that’s that, they can offer any games they want and they have full control over how they do business. Well, while a lot of Swedes wish it were like this, it isn’t. Even after the authorities approve these providers and even when they get licensed, they will still be subject to certain restrictions, meaning that the government still has control over their operations. The restrictions may seem severe to some people, and normal to others, depending on how much someone enjoys online gambling. The vast majority, of course, doesn’t approve of these restrictions.

They Can’t Offer Sign Up Bonuses

Sign up bonuses are prohibited by the authorities, and there appears to be great logic behind it. Basically, they believe that the bonuses are dangerous because they serve as baits, driving people towards setting up accounts on online casinos even though they had no intention of playing before that. Getting hooked on it can happen quite easily, and the authorities believe that the lack of sign up bonuses will reduce the risk for people of getting actually getting hooked on gambling at all. Enthusiastic players, on the other hand, are pretty disappointed with the fact that they can’t get any bonuses when they sign up or when they play for a while.

There Are Deposit Limits

That’s not the only limit that the players don’t approve of. There’s also a cap on how much you can deposit, making a lot of people feel as if they were being babysit by the Swedish government. Claiming that nobody has the right to tell them what they can do with their own money, some Swedes are rather angry about the deposit limitations. Others, however, including the government, believe that this is a great way of controlling how much money is spent on gambling, and they even claim that it could help people avoid becoming addicted to it.

People Play On Foreign Casinos

It’s questionable how much that helps, though, because people have found a great alternative that suits all their needs and that doesn’t impose any of those restrictions mentioned previously. Put simply, they play at foreign casinos, i.e. those that weren’t licensed by the Swedish government. They are licensed by other authorities, instead, but still available in Sweden, allowing players to enjoy any and all of the games they like without feeling as if their finances, and their fun times for that matter, are being controlled by the government.

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That’s Not Illegal

You’d think that playing on those foreign casinos is prohibited and illegal in Sweden, given that there are so many restrictions that apply to the ones licensed in Sweden, and given the strict rules for online gambling in the country. That, however, is not the case. It is completely legal for Swedes to play in those offshore casinos, making enthusiastic players choose them more often, given that there are no restrictions on them, and given that they often have a wider range of games available. It begs the question of how efficient the government restrictions really are when there is such an easy way to go around them.