A Complete Guide to Diamond Painting 

Learning diamond painting is not difficult at all! You just don’t need any teacher! If you’re a newbie to diamond painting and surfing the internet to find valid information about it, then don’t browse further! You have landed at the right place where you’ll learn all the basics of diamond painting. Let’s get started to make you familiar with this amazing craft! 

Diamond Painting 

Diamond painting is a new craft hobby that has got the limelight these days. It’s a mix of Paint by Numbers and Cross Stitch. In Diamond Painting, thousands of tiny resin ‘diamonds’ are applied to a coded adhesive canvas that creates a glistening diamond masterpiece.  

This craft was first inaugurated in North America and Europe. By then, this art has become widespread and has benefited people a lot. They are amused and stress-free while doing this craft. All the annoyance and anxiety fade away by this. That is the reason it has become so well-known around the world. All the steps involved in the diamond painting are jotted down.

Square Diamonds and Round Diamonds 

Before starting up the diamond painting, it is important to learn about the shapes of diamonds. 

There are two shapes of diamonds that are used for diamond painting; square diamonds and round diamonds. They are also known as square drills and round drills. The “drill” is just another term for “diamond” in diamond painting. So, when it is said square drill or round drill, it is only referred to the physical shapes of the diamonds. 

Moreover, it is important to note that each shape has its pros and cons. Thus, it depends on you what shape of drill you want to choose so that makes your painting look stunning. 

Square Drill or Square Diamond


  • Creates a filler look: Square drills create a cleaner look than round drills. They easily lineup and result in illustrating a complete-looking painting like a mosaic. 
  • Satisfyingly clamp into place:  These square drills handily snap into their place on the canvas that fills the gap and provide a fuller and cleaner look.

Round Drill or Round Diamond

  • Handy and fast to apply: These drills don’t need an exact placement as Square drills do. For that reason, round drills are easier to pick up and apply on canvas. That ends up in the faster formation of the painting. 
  • Doesn’t give a fuller look: Gaps in the painting are not filled wholly and are, therefore, apparent. That ends up giving an incomplete look to the painting when glimpsed from a close-up. So, if you’re using diamond drills, it is recommended to view the painting from some distance. 

Little Steps to Achieve the Best Results in Diamond Painting 

Below is given the easy to follow approach to make a  perfect diamond painting

Step 1 – Gather the stuff from the diamond kit.

All Diamond Painting Kits come with every piece of stuff that is needed to get started with painting. Hold your stuff that includes a canvas, a set of diamonds, a toolkit, a diamond pen, a tray, wax pad, and tweezers.

Step 2 – Lay your canvas out on your workstation. 

Lay down the canvas on your workstation. If you don’t have any then put it on any smooth surface that can be your kitchen shelves or dining tables. Though developed Diamond Painters get crafting tables for themselves to perform efficiently. 

Step 3 – Decide any color or image and pour diamonds into the tray.

Select any section of the canvas on which you prefer to start painting. Then choose the suitable diamonds and pour them into the tray. After that, it is suggested to lightly shake the tray so that diamonds get even on it. 

Step 4 – Apply wax on your diamond pen. 

The fourth step is to peel off the plastic paper from the wax pads and apply that wax to the tip of your diamond pen. That wax works like a magnet that pulls diamonds towards itself because of the static adhesion. 

Step 5 – Place diamonds on their specific blocks on the canvas. 

Each color diamond carries a certain place on the canvas. You can catch a glimpse of the legend that is present on the side of the canvas. That instructs which section conforms to which color. Discover that and place diamonds on those specific blocks. 

Step 6 – Repeat that process until you carve a glistening art! 

As you’re aware of the process now, so just repeat it until you complete the painting and end up with the masterpiece. Further, seal the painting to protect it from getting destroyed before putting it on display. And now, relish your creation from a far side as they look more glamorous from a distance! 

Ways to Exhibit Your Masterpiece 

Several ways are present how to exhibit Diamond painting. From professional frames to DIY foam boards, every display looks wonderful. It always depends on your preference. Opt for whatever way you like the most and take pleasure in your painting. 

Here are a few most liked ways: 

  • Stretcher Bars 

Apply stretcher bars on your canvas as it is an accessible DIY approach. There are super easy instructions to follow that make an attractive diamond Painting display. You can opt for this way as it is extremely effortless and quick.  

  • Use a Foam Board 

Another way is to mount your diamond painting to a foam board. This method includes a bit of measuring and cutting. You can have your foam board from any local store. And then cut the foam board according to the size of your canvas. After that, paste that canvas onto a foam board and exhibit it. 

  • Use Magnetic Hanger bars 

A very convenient and manageable method to opt for exhibiting the diamond painting. You can do this in a few minutes. What you have to do is get yourself a pair of wooden magnetic bars and cut them to the exact size of your diamond painting. After that, you can fasten the painting to the top!  

As you are well aware of the diamond painting now, so start drawing up your masterpiece and present it to your folks!

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