A very one-sided 1978 FIFA World Cup qualification play-off

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This is because the participating teams are normally among the best of their respective confederations. However, they don’t get good enough results that allows them to qualify directly to the tournament. Whenever qualifiers are being played, you can make betting in Pakistan from the 1xBet site and win great rewards.

The UEFA–CONMEBOL qualification play-off for the 1978 FIFA World Cup was quite an interesting instance. As it can be seen, the teams that participated in it were from Europe and South America. They corresponded to the national squads of Hungary and Bolivia respectively.

Different qualifiers

The UEFA qualifiers for that tournament were arranged in nine groups that had three or four teams. The www.1xbet.pk/live website can always be visited if you want to wager on the European qualifiers too.

After all matches were played, all the nine first-placed teams were taken and sorted from best to worst performing. The eight best qualified directly to the tournament. The worst first-placed team went to the aforementioned play-off. This place was taken by Hungary, whose current matches are also featured on the 1xBet website.

The South American qualifiers were slightly different. The nine squads that participated were divided into three groups of three teams each. The first-placed squad of each group qualified to a final round, which was also a group stage. The teams that ended in either first or second place automatically qualified to the 1978 FIFA World Cup. Bolivia, as the third-placed team, needed to play the play-off.

A Hungarian festival

The first match of the play-off took place on the 29th of October 1977 in Budapest. Whenever those decisive matches take place, go to 1xbet.pk/live/football – place live football bet and win. The home team won the match without problems by a score of 6-0. In fact, by the 39th minute they were already winning 5-0. The goalscorers were:

  • Tibor Nyilasi;
  • András Törőcsik;
  • Sándor Zombori;
  • Béla Várady;
  • Sándor Pintér;
  • and László Nagy.

The return match was played in La Paz on the 30th of November 1977 in the city of La Paz. It is worth noting that most teams struggle with the 4 thousand meters of altitude of this location, but not the Hungarians. They won the match 3-2, which gave a global score to the series of 9-2. The 1xBet website allows you to place a live football bet on these qualifying instances too. The goalscorers were András Törőcsik, Carlos Aragonés, István Halász and Windsor del Llano.