Advantages of a Backflow Valve


In an ideal world, clean water should flow through pipes and remain separate from dirty or contaminated water. That is the purpose of a backflow valve.

Backflow preventers are types of check valves that fully safeguard potable water against non-potable water backflow by using fail-safe features. The Van một chiều are more cost-effective than backflow preventers, however they lack these safety measures.

Reduced Pressure Zone Device

Backflow valves or Đồng hồ nước are essential devices that prevent contaminated water from entering your drinking water supply. If they malfunction, it could be a hazardous situation and lead to health complications.

A reduced pressure zone device (RPZD) is an efficient method to guarantee that a backflow valve preventer is functioning optimally. These devices consist of two independent check valves with a pressure monitored chamber in between them.

RRPZDs also include a differential relief valve to automatically open and discharge water to the environment if one of the check valves should fail. This ensures that backflow valves remain virtually fail-safe, protecting public water systems.

RPZDs are often required by plumbing standards in high-hazard cross-connections and firefighting applications. However, they should not be installed near areas with corrosive, toxic, or poisonous fumes that could pose a safety hazard.

Air Gap

An air gap, also referred to as a cross connection device, prevents contaminated water from mixing with your drinking water supply. These devices are common and effective at preventing backflow, but they should be installed correctly for your safety and that of those around you.

An Air Gap is a physical barrier placed between a water outlet and the flood level rim of an object such as a sink basin or standpipe. This enables clean, filtered water to pass across empty space without allowing dirty, backed-up water from the basin to reach your faucet.

Installed correctly, an Air Gap will stop any waste water from flowing into the drain hose of your Reverse Osmosis system in case there is a backflow event. Furthermore, it keeps any clogged drain tube from blocking water flow into your sink.

Flood Gate Valve

Backflow valves or Van bướm are installed in a home’s sewer line to prevent sewage from backing up into the house. These devices are intricate and require an experienced plumber to properly install them.

Different types of backflow valves exist, from basic flap or check valves to more complex designs like gate valves that must be operated manually. The simpler types have a flap or ball that closes when water flow reverses direction.

Flood gate valves require regular maintenance to stay in optimal working condition. When flood events take place, the air within its chamber is compressed, forcing the gate shut completely. Once the backup subsides, however, that same compressed air decompresses and opens again the gate.

Double Check Valve

Double check valves are a backflow preventer type that utilizes two check valves to guarantee water does not flow backward into a pipe or supply line. This additional security provides for more reliable sealing, an overall safer system, and keeps any contaminants out of the water supply.

Fluid typically passes through a check valve, which is then closed automatically by gravity or an opposing force like a spring. The latter is useful as it helps open doors when upstream pressure exceeds cracking pressure.

However, if the upstream pressure decreases, then the doors close and the valve locks in place to prevent reverse flow. This type of check valve is commonly referred to as a spring-assist.

Double check valves are commonly employed in fire sprinkler and lawn irrigation systems to protect pipes from backflow. They may also be employed in boiler feed, combi-boiler systems and other low-hazard situations to keep contaminated water out of the building’s system.

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