Advantages of Butterfly Valve Systems


If you need an efficient valve to regulate flow and pressure, butterfly valves or Van một chiều are an ideal choice. Not only are they lightweight and easy to maintain, but they can be utilized in numerous applications as well.

They offer greater versatility than ball or gate valves, controlling flow, regulating pressure and isolating pipeline sections.

Easy to Operate

The Van bướm are incredibly user-friendly, unlike other valve types. All you have to do is turn the handles at 90-degree angles in order to open or close it.

They come in various sizes and designs to meet the demands of various applications. They have found application in industries such as wastewater treatment, power generation, pulp & paper manufacturing, as well as food & beverage processing.

These valves can handle a wide range of liquids and gases, including acidic or corrosive fluids. Furthermore, they have the capacity to withstand high temperature and pressure operations.

These devices are often constructed from PVC, which has the ideal temperature resistance for industrial processes. Furthermore, PVC offers low maintenance costs and is lightweight.

Low-Pressure Drop

A butterfly valve’s low-pressure drop can reduce system impact and accelerate response times. This is because fluid moves across a smooth wall without resistance, which doesn’t slow down particle movement as much as rough walls do.

However, when fluid moves across a rough wall it experiences an abrupt change in pressure from high to low due to the shifting kinetic energy of particles.

Butterfly valves come in two varieties, lug and wafer (Figure 4.62). Lug-style valves feature threaded lugs outside the body of the valve, allowing one flange to be removed without affecting the other.


Butterfly valves are lightweight and compact compared to other types of valves or Đồng hồ nước, making them easy to install and require less upkeep.

Valve types come in various sizes, material types, pressure ratings, standards and designs; the selection of the right valve type depends on your application.

Manual valves come in a variety of forms, such as handles, gears or automatic actuators that depend on the application. Smaller manual valves usually feature a handwheel while larger ones use a gearbox to transfer torque with high mechanical advantage.

These valves are utilized in a variety of industrial settings, such as pharmaceutical, oil, food, water supply, wastewater treatment, fire protection systems, gas supply lines and fuel handling operations.

When selecting a butterfly valve type, there are three basic styles to consider: lug-style, water-type and wafer style. Lug-style valves have threaded inserts outside their bodies which enable pipe flanges to be fastened securely.


Butterfly valves are an efficient choice for applications requiring the control of large volumes of liquids and gases. Furthermore, their lack of moving parts makes them simple to repair or maintain, saving you the hassle.

Installing valves with smaller footprints and no piping support is more cost-effective than other options, plus they’re lightweight to allow for faster setup times.

Depending on the application, several styles of butterfly valves can be utilized. These include double offset (HPBFV) and triple offset (TOV) butterfly valves.

These valves seal better than regular butterfly valves due to their discs being off-center, which reduces wear and tear during operation and enhances sealing ability. Furthermore, it helps reduce noise from the valve – particularly beneficial in noise sensitive areas where loud sounds may be generated during use.

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