All you need to know about Casement Windows


When it comes to selecting the best windows for your house, there are some critical aspects to keep in mind such as security, visibility, energy efficacy and style. Casement windows are one of the best options for those looking for window replacements because of the amazing number of benefits they offer.

However, they aren’t recommended for everyone and with more than a dozen of style options, it is essential to find out whether they will suit your home and needs or not, before getting them installed.

Casement windows:

Also called crank windows, these windows open outside by means of a handle or a lever on the inside. A glass is attached to the frame with the help of hinges on the sides. 

Difference between sliding and casement windows

A casement window opening is narrower in comparison to a sliding window. But because air flows through its length rather than being blocked by a sliding window glass, it offers more ventilation. 

Difference between awning and casement windows

Though both these windows function with levers, cranks and hinges, awning windows are hinged at the top while casement windows have hinges at the sides.

Pros of Casement windows

Energy efficient: Casement windows are the most efficient window designs present. The reason being a tight seal runs all around its sides. So, when the windows are closed, no air transfer takes place between the edge of the frame and pane. They are also helpful in cooling your house naturally because of the wider ventilation area they offer. 

Energy efficiency is the major trait people look for when shopping for replacement windows. It makes their house a more comfortable place to live in and contributes to lower utility bills for heating and cooling.

Amazing in bigger window groups: If you go for bow or bay windows with several panes in the front of your house, casement windows are a good recommendation for better airflow at the outer corners. You will have the style of bay or bow windows with a better breeze flow inside.

Open view:

Because there isn’t any pane division in a casement window, they offer a full, unobstructed view. It proves to be a great option for wide windows.


At Window Mart, casement windows can be customized as per your specific needs. They can be designed with different details to match the style of your house. 


Casement windows are genuinely safe and secure. Nicely constructed casement windows are tough to break or pull open by trespassers from outside. They are usually locked from the inside with strong hook-shaped metallic locks. Hence, no one can gain access by wrenching the windows.

However, because of their desirability and energy efficacy, casement windows are a little pricier than double-hung or sliding windows. But, the cost is compensated by energy cost savings. Window Mart has plethora of casement window options at the best prices. You can draft a budget accordingly and then pick the best replacement windows for your home. You can also seek professional guidance for better choice.

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