All you need to know about Erectile Dsyfunction


All you need to know about Erectile Dsyfunction

Many people observe erection problem due to several causes. Some of them can be treated with proper counselling and other by taking medicines. Today, we will talk about the major issue that lead to the cause of Erectile Dysfunction issue and how it can treated.

Causes of erection problem in men

Most of the erection problem are related to each other. By getting a proper consultation with your specialist you can get to know about the one that is within your body. Most of them are caused by physical and psychological issues. Some of them are listed below:

  • Never got sufficiently erect penis: the cause is probably physical. Your hormones, nerves or blood vessels do not work together enough to get an erection. This may be due to your age, illness, medication or surgery.
  • Occasionally got an erection, we know that your penis is working normally. There is a chance that the cause of your erection problem is psychological or sexual.
  • An unhealthy lifestyle including regular smoking, drinking alcohol, poor nutrition, and very little exercise) also increases the risk of erection problems.

Here are some other examples.

Age Factors:

It is said that as you get older, it is normal for the penis to become less stiff. In addition to sex videos or photos, other ways of caressing or masturbating may be necessary to arouse you extra.


A healthy lifestyle is important to stay physically and psychologically healthy. It is needed to quit smoking especially if you are a regular smoker. It will play an important role in this. Also, by not drinking alcohol you can easily avoid this issue and other as well.


It is impossible to predict whether and how much an tip or habit can help you to improve your erection. But these tips for a healthy lifestyle can help with erection problems.

  • Never drink alcohol every day.

  • Do sufficient exercise, at least half an hour of extra exercise a day.

  • Take care of your nutrition, as good nutrition can really help in such situations.

  • Lose some weight, if you are overweight.

Medications for the treatment of this issue

If issues like cardiovascular disease, diabetes or thyroid disease is the cause of your erection problems, then erection pills can be really helpful. But you must be using them according to the prescription of your doctor so that it may not arise other issues as well.

Some medications can also cause a decreased erection. So, by getting an appointment with the specialt you can get to replace them with other ones. However, in some cases this is not easy. Never just reduce the amount of a certain drug if you think it will give you erection problems.

There are many issues that can be treated by proper counselling and by taking medicines. However, never take any of them on your own as it may cause serious issue in the long term. So, it is always recommended to consult your doctor about this.

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